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Roku Ultra | Authentic Review

The Roku Ultra ($100) defined stream box has returned for the third time, nearly like the previous two. It’s not a negative thing, however. The only improvements to the more special streaming box from Roku are a more powerful CPU than the previous model and a far more robust remote control.

JBL headphones, private listening, the remote-finder function, microSD and USB slots, and an Ethernet connector remain available. Additionally, you’ll have access to 5-GHz wireless connections, 4K HDR compatibility, hundreds of streamed channels, and Roku’s industry-leading search capabilities.

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 The new Roku Ultra is still a great streaming player, especially for people who want to add some of their videos to the party, even if I wish it had done more to set itself apart from the model from a year ago. Consider your alternatives carefully since the $100 price is substantial, mainly when the $60 Roku Streaming Stick+ offers the same functionality for $40 less. Top Reviews about Roku Ultra (2019) are below.

Roku Ultra Pros and Cons

Creative remote control.Not noticeably quicker than devices that cost substantially less.
Excellent performance.Costly.
Several high-quality channels.Almost nothing new from the model from previous year.

Roku Ultra Design

The Roku Ultra has a round, square shape and is 4.9 inches wide. It is made entirely of black plastic and has a little purple tag attached to it. The key for the remote finder is located on the top of the device, and there is a USB connector on the side. The power port, microSD slot, and Ethernet port are on the device’s rear.

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There isn’t much to complain about in terms of the Ultra’s design, provided that your entertainment unit isn’t painfully lacking in square footage. If you frequently use the MicroSD card slot, moving the device through 180 degrees may become boring after some time. You could utilize the USB connector on the side for an external hard drive or a memory stick if you wanted to keep things simple.

Roku Ultra Interface

It’s pretty easy to customize the Roku Home screen. You can drag and drop the applications you utilize into whatever sequence you like, giving your favorites prime importance while demoting less-used ones.

Roku doesn’t even presume you’ll want to download Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime as your preferred streaming services. Some streaming devices often prioritize their exclusive streaming applications (Amazon Video for the Amazon Fire devices, for example, or YouTube on Android TV). The remainder of the menus is similarly relatively efficient.

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The Search bar, the Streaming Channel store, the My Stream (movies and TV series you’re monitoring for accessibility decreases), the Featured Free content, the My Feed (the material you can browse through), the Movie and TV shops from Fandango, and the Settings menu are all available.

If you prefer the least cluttered possible home screen, you can also deactivate the majority of these features in the settings menu. I respect the Roku Ultra for placing as little as possible in the way of your desired viewing content. At this time, it’s also important to highlight the search since you can locate almost everything you watch using it.  Roku has the industry’s most thorough investigation, searching hundreds of channels.

The robust search capabilities of Roku are generally advantageous since they allow you to locate almost any video you wish to watch at the lowest possible cost. Roku will even give the subscription services you already pay for priority, saving you money. On the other side, this effective search also implies that you’ll end up with much irrelevant information in your search results, so you may need to go through them manually.

Roku Ultra Remote

With the Ultra, Roku has advanced significantly in several areas, including the remote control. Roku has removed the unnecessary game icons for the first time (Roku’s game selection has always been meager). Instead, two configurable keys have been added. Instead of merely using the four programmed keys on the Roku remote, you can now configure it to launch your favorite channels.

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However, the four pre-programmed keys are still accessible. These are for this time for Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and Vudu. Although they are well-liked services, the buttons won’t be handy if you don’t utilize them often. The switches can be easily configured, also. Pick up the remote control, speak a command, and hold down the programmable button for two seconds.

The buttons are incredibly flexible since you can combine this with any voice command, such as “Launch ESPN” or “Play classic rock music.” My one complaint is that pressing the buttons causes an unpleasant “beep” every moment, which is exceedingly terrible if you have headphones plugged in. The volume is at a respectable level. I wish these services could start up silently, just like the pre-programmed ones. Aside from that, the new Roku remote is comparable to those seen in historic record Roku bundles. You can manage your TV using the volume and power buttons and conventional media and navigation controls. 

Roku Ultra JBL Ear Buds and Remote Finder

The Roku Ultra comes with a pair of JBL headphones, one feature that differentiates it from its more affordable Ultra LT cousin. The $20 Tune range from JBL is akin to this JBL model, which appears to be limited to Roku devices.

They are adequate, albeit unremarkable, offer some sound, and don’t have static shriek, which is something the regular Roku earphones can’t say. Of course, you can use your current headphones with the remote’s built-in socket or your Bluetooth headphones with the Roku smartphone app’s secret listening feature.

The remote-finder capability is only available on the Roku Ultra model. Press a button on top of the player for your remote control to make a sound that will assist you in discovering it if you lose it. I don’t know why there are just four sound selections available, and some of the better sounds from earlier generations are no longer available, but this function does what it is supposed to do.

Roku Ultra Specifications

Size:4.9 x 4.9 x 0.9 inches
Max Resolution:3840 x 2160
Ports:Ethernet port
Remote:Roku Voice Remote
Device Type:Box

Roku Ultra Content and Apps

For the last 10 years, Roku has dominated the market regarding content choices, and the Ultra isn’t any different. There are many channels, ranging from the biggest names in the field to paranoid conspiracy material that you’d be embarrassed to click on Reddit mistakenly. But let’s concentrate on the essentials since Roku almost likely contains the content you want to view.

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Just off the top of my head, I can think of Netflix, CBS All Access, Pandora, Spotify, Vudu, ESPN, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, Google Play, and Crackle. Except for iTunes, which the Apple TV essentially owns the market, I’ve never looked for a program on Roku.

However, Roku’s promise of having several upon thousands of channels seems less remarkable today than it did in the past. The majority of new Roku channels are the most niche offerings. It definitely wouldn’t hurt for Roku to do a bit more control.

3.2 Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra Performance

Although Roku has been quick to highlight the Roku Ultra’s performance benefits over its previous, I have mixed feelings about the enhancement. According to company representatives, some of Roku’s most popular applications may launch up to 20% quicker on Ultra. During my testing, I discovered that the apps might sometimes take a few seconds to launch, up to 10 seconds in the case of resource-demanding programs like Netflix.

However, once the app was operational, navigation seemed to happen instantly. Although it doesn’t always seem quicker than previously, navigating across system options was also relatively quick. Think about some arithmetic before you are enthusiastic about a 20% speed performance. Let’s imagine you use the Roku Ultra for a year, starting up three different streaming applications daily. Let’s also assume that each app launches in 10 seconds.

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You could save around 37 minutes per year, or 6 seconds each day, with a 20% improvement in speed. Sure, it’s a bit faster, but given that the Ultra was already quick, the change isn’t that significant. Your applications appear to impact how quickly 4K HDR material loads significantly. Amazon Video lags behind YouTube in terms of 4K HDR buffering, taking roughly 30 seconds to catch up. Once the loading procedure is finished, the image seems, at the very least crisp and colorful.

Despite a few minor issues, the Ultra continues to function flawlessly. It is the quickest Roku currently available, but if you choose a slower one, you’ll lose a few daily seconds. Even those who value our time the most can easily fund that.


Nothing needed to change because the Roku Ultra has been doing well for the last two years. At the same time, Roku hasn’t developed the concept in any novel ways throughout that period.

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A streaming media player is no longer as essential as in the age of smart TVs, which provide the majority of the features the ordinary viewer needs to watch their favorite programs. And a $100 one could be difficult to sell. The Roku Ultra is a wise purchase if you have your video and music files or need to utilize an Ethernet connector for 4K-comparable internet rates. Otherwise, you may do the same thing for less money with less expensive choices like the Roku Streaming Stick+.


Is the Roku Ultra worth it?

As an outcome, The Roku Ultra is the best Roku device in terms of feature count because of improvements in speed, Dolby Vision compatibility, and the private listening remote. And although the absence of HBO Max was merely a temporary drawback, the main obstacle remains its exorbitant cost.

What is the difference between regular Roku and Roku Ultra?

Both let customer’s stream media in 4K, the highest video quality presently offered, while Roku Ultra additionally supports Dolby Vision. They also provide excellent customization tools, let users download applications for hundreds of streaming services, and are easy to use.

Can you use Roku Ultra on any TV?

The Roku devices can only be linked to a single television at a time. Roku devices only have one HDMI/USB connecting connector to connect to a TV. You can unplug the Roku player from one TV and combine it into another if you only watch one TV at a time. One Roku device, however, cannot be linked to two TVs at once.

What channels do I get with Roku Ultra?

Channel on Roku. The Roku Channel, which Roku owns, is cost-free.
YouTube TV Pluto TV offers hundreds of free movies and more than 100 channels.
Awesome, Tubi, Crackle, Xumo, NewsON