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The Roku Express 2022 is one of the brand’s most basic streaming versions, so don’t expect much. Almost every streaming app is available. The Roku Express is a major manufacturer’s most affordable streaming player, coming in at only $30.  If you have a contract with Hulu + Live TV or fuboTV, you can use your Roku Express to replace cable TV. Roku offers its ad-supported channel featuring series and movies, including the Quibi collection.

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Roku Express 2022 has two modifications from 2019. Roku enhanced this model’s storage and Wi-Fi. Roku says these modifications will speed up app loads and improve streaming. Roku Express is a cheap and straightforward method to stream applications on older TVs (some might consider junking). The Roku Express is an excellent piece of hardware for consumers looking for a straightforward approach to connecting to their preferred on-demand streaming services.

If you don’t have a 4K TV or much 4K video, you might enjoy the Roku Express 2022. The new Roku Express up-scales 720p to 1080p, like the previous model. Roku devices are more popular than ever, according to a 2022 corporate announcement. It also implies the gadgets are generally accessible. Learn about Roku Express’s price, content, and other reviews.

Roku Express 2022 turns your flatscreen into a smart TV. This small streaming gadget connects to any HDMI TV in minutes. Roku Express is a $30 method to view Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and other live and on-demand services. It’s cheap yet has many features: Voice search, private listening, hundreds of streaming channels, and a configurable UI.

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Roku Express Specs

ResolutionUp to 1080p (up-scaling from 720p)
NetworkingDual-band Wi-Fi
PortsHDMI, Micro USB (power)
AudioDigital Stereo, DTS Digital Surround pass-through and Dolby-encoded audio pass-through, all via HDMI
RemoteRoku standard IR remote
Measurements3 x 1.5 x 0.8 inches
Weight1.1 ounces
Supported protocolsApple Airplay and HomeKit, Hey Google, Alexa

Roku Express Price

The Roku Express is being purchased for close to thirty dollars right now. You can buy one straight from Roku or go to one of the many other popular retailers. The product might have been purchased from various stores, including Amazon, Ebay, and Best Buy. You have quite a few options to choose from when it comes to Roku models, and one of those options is the Roku Express. Other options include the Roku Streaming Stick and the Roku Ultra. The firm also deals in ancillary products such as remote controls and soundbars.

Roku Express Design

Due to its small size (1.5 inches by 0.75 inches by 3 inches), the Roku Express might have been placed almost anywhere. There is no need to rearrange your video game system to create space for the streaming box since it can be placed neatly on top of an entertainment center or one of the shelves. The Roku Express is a great device for connecting to on-demand streaming services.

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In addition, given that the Roku Express is Roku’s entry-level model, the company has made great efforts to ensure that its operation is relatively easy. To start, all you need is a tv set with an HDMI port and an internet connection at home that utilizes a wireless router. The Roku Express downloads and streams media via Wi-Fi.

Roku Express Remote

The Roku Express remote utilizes infrared (IR), not Wi-Fi, so to use it, you must direct it towards the Roku box plugged into your TV. Sadly, you cannot conceal your Roku Express under a drawer. The “enter” key, “home,” “back,” and directional keypad are all on the remote control. It is also possible to stop quickly or rewind your material.

There are shortcuts on the four bottom keys. These shortcut icons are marked with the names of well-known streaming providers like Netflix and Disney+ so you can quickly visit their home screens. There is no voice control on the entry-level model.

However, a solution is available if you download the Roku mobile app. You may use voice commands with the app to carry out activities like discovering a specific program or switching stations. Please don’t throw away your old remote; you’ll still need it to turn on your TV, adjust the volume, and other functions, as Roku remotes cannot be set to operate with a TV or cable box.

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Roku Express Streaming Quality

The Roku Express can “open” video streams to a resolution of 1080p from 720p. Therefore, this gadget will function well with the majority of HD TVs. In contrast, Roku Express hd can broadcast HD image quality. On the other hand, the Roku Express does not support streaming in 4K Ultra HD.

Suppose you have a relatively recent television that has a large flatscreen. In that case, you may want to investigate one of Roku’s other models, such as the Roku Ultra, which can stream content in 4K resolution.

Roku Express Features

While the Roku Express may not offer as many capabilities as other of Roku’s more expensive models, such as the Roku Streaming Stick Plus, this entry-level Roku device still delivers all you want to get started with streaming media on your tv set.

A streaming box that is connected to your television and remote control that runs on batteries are both included in the bundle. Additionally, the AAA battery required for the remote control is included with the purchase of a Roku Express.

Roku Express Performance Upgrades

The Roku Express (2022) streams content off of a Dual-Band Wi-Fi modem, which is an improvement over the single-band 802.11b/g/n connection of the Roku Express (2019). Roku states that this “ensures performance continues uninterrupted,” so you do not need to worry about stuttering broadcasts.

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Your results’ significance is also impacted by the quality of the internet connection you use. Second, Roku has increased the storage space inside the device. It will allow much faster load times.

Roku Express (2022): What hasn’t changed

The infrared remote control will continue to be part of the Roku Express. People have pointed out in the review of the Roku Express (2019) that using this remote could be a bit of an issue if your Roku Express isn’t placed at an angle that makes it simple to look straight.

People have learned that using this remote can require you to “align up the remote exactly with the receiver,” which can result in “some unpleasant arm postures.”

In addition, the Roku Express seems to be the same compact and very lightweight piece of plastic as its predecessor. In the past, it was so light that it was practically impossible to place it flat on a surface without using Roku’s glue.

Roku Express Configure

Roku express is a very user-friendly setup process. The streaming device, an adhesive strip, an HDMI cable, a USB cable, a power adapter, and remote control are all included in the packaging for the Roku Express. Even the batteries for the remote control are supplied.

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 Attaching the streaming box to the wall near your television using the adhesive strip will make it much simpler to couple it with your infrared remote control. The next step is to connect the streaming device to your television using the HDMI cable that came with it. After that, click the gadget’s USB wire to the power adapter.

At long last, the power adapter must be connected to a power strip or a wall outlet. The device needs to start up on its own automatically. After that, you can put the batteries into the remote and follow the directions on the screen to finish setting everything up. Remember that your television will need an HDMI input, which means that Roku Express may not be compatible with older televisions.

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Roku Express Pros and Cons

thumbs up regular


  • Costs about $30.
  • Use it to watch Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and more.
  • Free channels with movies, shows, and live news.
thumbs down regular


  • No 4K streaming available.
  • There is no voice command without the smartphone app.
  • A direct line of sight between the IR remote and the streaming device is required.


If you’re just now putting your feet into the world of streaming, this is a streaming device that will enable you to view the primary streaming services you may already have. You can stream Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max on your television for a low cost with an Express Roku, which is readily accessible and costs just $30.

On the other hand, it is a simple model with just the most essential capabilities, and the highest quality stream it can produce is 1080p. Those who wish to stream content in 4K resolution, use voice commands, and make use of other cutting-edge capabilities should look into purchasing a more expensive device. The Roku Express is an excellent piece of hardware for consumers looking for a straightforward approach to connecting to their preferred on-demand streaming services.

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Is the Roku Express a good buy?

It is more than sufficient for watching most TV programs and movies. Having said that, if you want to view content in 4K and have a vast flatscreen, the Roku Express will not be sufficient for you. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade to a more premium Roku device, such as the Roku Ultra.

What generation is Roku Express?

The seventh generation of Roku devices was made available in September 2018. The Express (3900), Express+ (3910), Streaming Stick (3800), and Streaming Stick+ (3900) were all models that were carried over from the sixth generation, which was released in 2017, without any alterations (3810).

Is there a monthly fee for Roku Express?

You will have to pay for your Roku device first. After then, Roku will no longer charge you any more fees. There is no recurring payment required every month.

Which Roku models are outdated?

Beginning on June 24, 2020, support for Roku devices with model numbers 2400 to 3100 will have been discontinued (including the Roku streaming stick, models 3420 or earlier). Until the service is turned over, you can continue to view Hulu on these older Roku devices.

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