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Roku Express 4K Plus

The new Roku Express 4K Plus illustrates how 4K streaming is becoming more and more affordable. Roku is becoming better at mixing different its existing selection, at all. With the addition of 4K streaming from the Roku Premiere, which it replaces as Roku’s $40 streamer, the Roku Express 4K Plus builds on the fundamental architecture of the Roku Express (a $30 1080p streamer).

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This remote is sometimes pointed in any direction since it doesn’t need a straight line of sight to work. If you want to get a 4K Roku (and all of the included apps) for the least amount of money, the Roku Express 4K Plus is a great choice. However, this Roku Express 4K Plus review will demonstrate how this new gadget further improves you. And it does this with the help of its remote, which is now better than ever and eliminates any delays from streaming.

The Roku Express 4K falls short of a few more expensive streaming devices in terms of Dolby A/V functionality. The Roku Express 4K, the new best $40 streaming gadget, is still one of the top streaming devices. The Roku Express 4K Plus made 4K UHD streaming more accessible without adding extra advertising, earning it a Highly Recommended designation in the 2021 Tom’s Guide Awards for Best Streaming Devices.

Roku Express 4K Plus Specifications

Size:3.3 x 1.5 x 0.7 inches
Max Resolution:3840 x 2160
Remote:Network Voice remote
Device Type:Box

Roku Express 4K Plus Price and Release Date

Most shops will start offering the Roku Express 4K Plus in mid-May for a price of $39.99. It provides comparable streaming capabilities as the $49.99 Roku Streaming Stick Plus for that price, but users have noticed that it has a unique remote.

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The Fire TV Stick, 4K, and Chrome with Google TV are the two significant 4K streaming devices, costing $50. The TiVo Stream 4K is another option; it was originally $50 but is now, it seems, discounted down to $40 at Google. The Express 4K Plus does not support Dolby Vision or Atmos Audio, but all other devices do.

Roku Express 4K Plus Design

The Roku Express 4K Plus is straightforward, but it still feels uncomfortable. It is a curving, square gadget that fits in your entertainment center or next to your TV. It has a matte black design, a slick Roku logo, a glossy front, and purple LED power indicators.

The Roku Express 4K Plus’s appearance only has one drawback: it’s too lightweight. Although lighter technology is usually a positive feature, it may require adjusting to get it to seat properly since the HDMI cable might raise the soft shell with its stress. Chrome with Google TV, Amazon Fire, and Stick 4K are all simplified cellular modems that merely sit behind your TV.

Roku has an adhesive strip so you can attach it to a surface. The Roku Streaming Stick Plus, which has the same look, is also what experts think is better. The length of the HDMI cable that is supplied may also be inadequate. The cable is just long enough to connect to the HDMI port on my TV, which is mounted on a surface and is just less than two feet in length.

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For instance, the HDMI ports on my ceiling TV are too far away. However, since you have such a unique configuration, I would guess that you already have HDMI cables that are long enough. The Express 4K Plus’ port condition is pretty simple, much like its competitors. You get a little reset button, a micro – USB port for power via an included adapter, and HDMI connectors.

All these keys are available on Chrome with Android Tv; however, the Tivo Stream 4K and Fire TV Stick must be reset using the remote.

Roku Express 4K Plus Audio and Video

For quick, affordable crazy high HDR entertainment, the Roku Express 4K Plus is fantastic. As I dialed up an episode of Netflix’s Glow (RIP), I saw the vivid pinks and golds and the dark shadows of the Las Vegas landscape. Their ornate attire included precise details, including identifiable feathers in the turban and the patterns of the pleated textiles.

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The absence of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos Audio is the Roku Express 4K Plus’s major flaw. These A/V requirements are the type of thing you may not seek when shopping for the most inexpensive 4K gadget, but they are accessible on the somewhat more costly Chrome with Google TV and Fire Tv 4K.

Of course, you could do just fine without either need. I was still astounded by the color rendition of the midnight scenes in Seoul’s streets and how beautiful the wealthy Park family’s mansion looked when I watched Parasite in 4K off the Apple TV app. The John Wick music and neon lights still impressed the Roku Express 4K Plus.

Roku Express 4K Plus Performance

As someone who has used a Roku Ultra for a considerable amount of time, I must say that I am somewhat surprised by the fact that the Roku Express 4K Plus is still pretty quick. Like its predecessor, the Roku Premiere, the Roku Express 4K+ is a media server capable of streaming content in 4K resolution. It is compatible with high dynamic range (HDR) material formatted in HDR10, HDR10+, and hybrid log gamma (HLG). Dolby Vision is a feature that is now exclusive to the Roku Ultra and is not enabled by this device (along with some Roku TVs).

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Roku Express 4K Plus Remote Control

Since the Roku Express 4K Plus is meant to replace the Roku Premiere, its remote performance was my primary concern. You can beam a signal no matter which way you aim the network-based, not IR-based, Voice Remote of the Roku Express 4K Plus. I relaxed in relief as I turned the controller in my palm and clicked it in almost every way.

After completing that update, the Roku Voice Remote is quite typical and provides everything you would anticipate for the fee. That includes basic voice commands, directional keys, and power and volume controls for TVs. I can easily handle the Roku Voice Remote because of its textured surface, and it feels lightweight.

 It weighs 2.7 ounces, which is a little more than the 2.2-ounce remote that comes with the Chrome with Android Tv, but since the Roku remote is more extensive, the mass is spread more uniformly. Additionally, four vibrant keys for popular channels look less helpful than they are worth to Roku in terms of income. 

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2.2 Roku Express 4K Plus
Image Credit Amazon

Roku Express 4K Plus Search and Roku OS

It is not difficult to locate content to watch on Roku, which is ultimately reduced search. With the voice button on your remote, all I have to do is say something like, “Show me movies featuring David Duchovny,” and then I’ll be able to keep track of the X-Files actors as they go through their respective careers.

Roku’s search function provides you with a row that lists all of the results, another row that lists free material, a third row that lists what’s included with your subscriptions, and a fourth row that lists things that need payment to purchase or rent. It helps you pick what to watch next.

Roku has also improved, now offering a more advanced search function. The Fire TV had far more current results, such as 2019’s The Poison Ride and 2012’s Savages. Google with Android Tv just gave you a list of results (which wasn’t interactive), and Chrome with Smart Tv only showed us a list of results (and put them up front). Roku OS 10 has included a new feature that has been given the name “Instant Resume.”

The feature allows users to pick up watching a program from where they left off when they return to the app. It’s essential to remember that different applications utilize Instant resumes differently. Roku is giving app developers the ability to let channels restart in the manner that they find most convenient. It may include going directly back to the track or starting the app more quickly than in the past. 

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The Roku Express 4K plus makes it simple to access and stream material capable of 4K resolution and high dynamic range on your television. The Roku Express 4K Plus is an improvement over its predecessor, the Roku Premium, and is a step in the correct direction. It’s not only as excellent as its predecessor at rapidly streaming material in 4K HDR, but its remote is also better than before. Individuals only wish its design wouldn’t have gone on the side of being too lightweight. The Roku Express 4K can inquire about your interest in the Dolby Vision and Atmos Audio features.

If you’re ready to spend an extra $10 (a fourth of its price) to have your video and audio generated to such standards, you may be better off buying the Chrome with Smart Tv. However, its search capabilities are not up to grade. Do you want a simpler Roku to integrate into your existing entertainment system? It is worth the additional ten dollars to get the Roku Streaming Stick Plus.

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Does Roku Express 4K+ work on any TV?

The Roku Express 4K+ can be used with any television with an HDMI port, regardless of brand or model. Even if you do not yet own a 4K television, you can still use the Roku Express 4K+ with an HD television and it will still produce video at the exact resolution as the HD television.

Is the Roku Express 4K plus worth it?

As a result of an upgrade to AirPlay, the Express 4K Plus can now link your iPhone or other Apple product to your television. It now enables streaming video in 4K HDR. The fact that it was historically the least expensive Roku model to support 4K HDR streaming was the primary factor that led to our decision to choose it as the most acceptable streaming device overall.

What is difference between Roku Express and Express Plus?

The Roku Express+ is almost similar to its predecessor in every conceivable respect. You are familiar with a Roku, so it has the same remote, HDMI connector, and the same assortment of streaming applications as that device. The only difference is that this one can connect via a composite connection, while the other does not.

What is the difference between Roku Express 4K and Roku Express?

While Roku Express can only broadcast HD image quality, Roku Express 4K can stream in 4K pictures and HDR colors. Another option is the Roku Express 4K+, which is identical to the Roku Express 4K and comes with voice control that also operates the Television.

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