BEST White PC Build In 2023


In short, that’s why you need a White PC Build. That is to say, many people want a white PC that is easy and stylish. Still, many people can’t afford one or don’t know where to get the parts they need to build a white PC. So, let’s look at the parts you need to assemble a white PC. Read our full piece for a step-by-step guide to the whole process of building.

Here is the first White PC Build we recommend:

White PC Build SpecsAlternate White PC Build Specs
Graphics CardZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3060ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3080
MotherboardASUS Prime X570-PROASUS ROG Strix Z690-A
CaseCORSAIR 7000DCorsair 4000D
RamCorsair Dominator PlatinumCorsair Vengeance RGB Pro
CPU CoolerDeepCool AS500 Plus WhiteDeepCool AS500 Plus White
MonitorAlienware AW2721DSpectre 24-inch monitor
SpeakersAudioengine A2+Audioengine A2+
Case FansCooler Master SickleFlow 120mm V2Corsair iCUE SP120 RGB
Power SupplyCorsair RM750xCorsair RM750x
CablesCorsair Premium Individually Sleeved PSU Cables Starter KitCorsair Premium Individually Sleeved PSU Cables Starter Kit

Compared to white PCs, computers usually have a blackish color with different kinds of RGB in different parts. As a result, many people don’t like rainbow colors and would rather use just one color for their whole build. A lot of people like a white build without a lot of colors.

Components Required for a White PC Build

A PC has a CPU, a GPU, a motherboard, fans, a case, an HDD or SSD, a PSU, wires, RAM, and a CPU cooler. A PC also has a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, fan, and coolant if you want to use water to cool it. So, we now know what parts are needed to build an all-white PC. So, let’s look at the white pieces we need for our build.

White PC Graphics Card

Graphics cards are, without a doubt, an important part of making a computer. Because of this, people usually spend most of their money on a high-end GPU. On the other hand, if you want to build a white PC, you need a white GPU.

Further, the problem is that only a few high-end GPUs come in white. So, if you don’t have much money, you might want to give up on your dream of a white PC. But you might still be able to get a good graphics card for that price.

Graphic card white

Most of our attention will be on the RTX 3060 for this PC build. If you want to play games at 1080P, NVIDIA’s low-end 3000 series GPUs will be more than enough. The Zotac RTX 3060 has two fans and should fit almost all cases. With access to DLSS 2.1 and more RTX features, you also get a great GPU for running your computer.

Also, the 12GB of GDDR6 memory is more than enough for gaming and other computing jobs that you do every day. Unlike its predecessors, the RTX 3060 is a GPU that costs less and less.

The color will also go well with the PC, which is all white. And the big “ZOTAC GAMING” will give the whole thing a nice look. The 3060 Zotac costs $451 right now, which is about $100 more than its MSRP. But because inflation is rising worldwide, we can’t do anything about these prices.

The ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3080 is a better choice for people with more money. Ultimately, it’s a beautiful white GPU with three fans and features to make your computer a full powerhouse. It costs $1389, almost four times as much as the 3060, so get it if possible.

White PC Motherboard

To be more specific, a computer’s motherboard is like the core of a human body. A skeleton is useless, but the body can’t work without it. In the same way, a processor is useless without the rest of the computer’s hardware, but the other parts can’t work without it.


So, to give customers as many choices as possible, we chose an AM4 motherboard for our white PC build. The ASUS Prime X570-PRO, to be exact. AMD processors use the same port, in case you didn’t know. Because of this, most Ryzen processors can be used with AM4 platforms that are even older. You can read more about the ASUS Prime X570-Pro in this post.

You choose the Ryzen 5 5600x from AMD’s low-cost 5000 line. Still, the 5600x is a great processor for the price, and it won’t slow down your RTX 3060 GPU.

The ASUS Prime X570-PRO is a great motherboard but not white. However, only the top heatsinks of the motherboards are white. Spray paint can make a motherboard white. We don’t advocate that to risk damaging your components.

On the other hand, your processor will be hidden once you put all the parts inside the case, at least for the most part. The same is true for one of the high-end motherboards, the ASUS X570-PROs. In short, it costs $249 right now.

Consumers may desire to build an Intel system. We chose the ASUS ROG Strix Z690-A motherboard. The Z690 costs $320, $70 more than the X570 PRO. However, only 12th-gen Intel processors work with the Z690 motherboard chipset.

White PC Case

Few cases have great specs for cost due to a scarcity of white variants. Market cases may not fit your size or preferences. Overall, we’ll recommend cases but maintain an open mind.

White PC Build

First, the Corsair 7000D white PC case. First, the 7000D can support three 360mm radiators as a full tower chassis. Second, the 7000D supports 12x 120mm or 7x 140mm fans. Considering this, this chassis won’t have cooling issues.

So, the Corsair 7000D, which weighs 18.7KG, might be heavy. But now that this white PC case is heavier, users can put almost any part in it.

Regarding price, the Corsair 7000D is not a cheap case; it currently costs a hefty $270. But for the price, buyers get a white case with very good specs.

The case’s magnetic front cover slides to reveal its dust filter. However, the chassis accommodates tempered glass for aesthetics. However, the 7000D has four USB 3.0 ports and one front USB 3.1 port. Thus, the 7000D will connect without issue.

With some changes, the chassis accommodates an E-ATX motherboard. Few white PC cases support E-ATX motherboards. The enclosure manages cords well and doesn’t mess them up. We named Corsair 700D the Best White Full Tower PC Case.

If you don’t like the Corsair 7000D, you can choose the Corsair 4000D, which was their last case. It has half as many features as the 7000D and is half as big.

White PC RAM

After the initial items, we can work on RAM. RAM is expensive because white PC components are hard to find. Since we’re designing a white gaming PC, we need enough RAM.

White RAM

The Corsair Dominator line has the greatest Ryzen RAM kits. The Corsair Dominator Platinum comes in black and white with 16GB and 32 GB. This RAM supports a Ryzen 7 5600X because it’s 32GB DDR4.

At $210 for 32GB, it’s not terrible. However, quad-channel RAM should be remembered. It won’t fit dual-channel motherboards. Additionally, CL16 timings are tight enough for overclocking. For overclockers, the 1.35V voltage output provides more room.

Also, the Corsair Dominator RGB RAM kit might not work well with a white PC setup. But people can control the lights with the iCUE software. The frequency of 3200MHz is pretty good, and it will help the 5600X.

On the other hand, 16GB RAM is enough if you don’t have enough money for 32GB RAM. We picked the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro for the 16GB version. The RAM generally has CL16 settings and a speed of 3200 MHz. Here is all the information you need about Corsair Vengeance Pro.

Also, since it’s Corsair RAM, their iCUE software makes it easy to change the RGB settings. Also, the RAM is a dual-channel kit so that you can put it in almost any computer. To sum up, for $78, you get a lot of efficiency.

White CPU Cooler

After discussing the essentials, let’s consider cooling methods. A reliable white PC construction requires good CPU cooling. CPU coolers are less important because users rarely spend much on cooling. However, a decent CPU cooler cools your system and boosts performance. We chose the DeepCool AAS500 Plus White for our project.

White CPU Cooler

First, the $70 AS500 Plus CPU cooler is relatively inexpensive. If you have a limited budget, this CPU cooler may help. Second, its performance is great for its pricing. With low wattage, the AS500 Plus can reach 1200 RPM!

The DeepCool AS500 Plus has a noise level of ~29 dB. That’s quite for the price. The AS500 Plus is a little cooler that fits everywhere. SFF cases can suit its 142 x 102 x 164mm dimensions.

Unlike us, you can use the DeepCool AS500 Plus without a Ryzen setup! The cooler has several clips to handle different Intel sockets. The AS500 Plus cooler fits LGA 1200/115x/20xx Intel sockets.

Thus, the DeepCool AS500 Plus is a versatile CPU cooler that fits most sockets. Check out our 2023 list of the best white CPU coolers for something fancier! Check out our DeepCool AS500 Plus review!

White AIO Liquid Cooler

Consumers may pick All-in-One liquid coolers for stronger cooling. In such circumstances, buyers will want radiators, not CPU coolers. If you wish to liquid cool your CPU, we have the AIO!

Liquid Cooler

The ASUS ROG Strix LC AIO powers our white radiator. An AIO liquid cooler main function is to liquid cool the processor and air-cool the chassis. Because of this, we name these radiators “AIO radiators.” Unless you have a modest budget, we recommend an AIO to increase product thermal performance.

Among liquid coolers, the ASUS ROG Strix LC is a good choice. Most importantly, the 120mm, 240mm, and 360mm AIOs are available. White 120mm and 240mm are unavailable. For a white AIO, consider the 360mm or another.

The Strix LC is also one of the quieter coolers on the market, with a noise level of 37.6 dB. Even with that amount of noise, the AIO can go as fast as 2500 RPM! The RGB settings on the AIO and fans are also easy to change.

Finally, at $350, choose an AIO if you can. While an AIO may boost thermals, an air cooler can cool your PC. In contrast, the DeepCool AS500 Plus costs $70, saving ~$280. A better deal than the Strix LC is the AS500 Plus.

White PC Monitor

As important as paying attention to thermals and other gear parts, we shouldn’t forget about the monitors. The FPS will go up with a good GPU and processor, but the colors will look better on a good monitor.

So, having a good monitor is just as important if you want a better GPU. Because if you have an RTX 3060 or higher and a 60Hz panel, the extra frames will be wasted. So, we picked a good white PC monitor because we are building a white PC.


We’re going with the Alienware AW2721D 1440P monitor because of this. With a speed of 240Hz, you don’t have to worry about missing any frames. The Alienware monitor has an InfinityEdge display that goes around all four sides, which makes it a high-end monitor. Also, the Alienware AW2721D can share more than one screen because it has more than one HDMI port.

Aside from that, the screen is sleek for a 27-inch monitor, and the IPS display makes for a better picture. You get enough speed for $829, a pretty high price.

However, we have another high-framerate, low-cost display choice. The 1080P Spectre 24-inch monitor can run at 165Hz. The Spectre’s 1ms response time eliminates gaming input lag. The monitor also has 98% sRGB, which offers more colors than typical monitors.

The Spectre is much cheaper than the Alienware AW2721D at $230. With its framerate and response speed, we recommend the Spectre if you can afford it. Finally, the Alienware AW2721D and Spectre are the greatest white PC displays.

White PC Speakers

We adore high framerates and vibrant colors, but audio is also important in gaming. Competitive gamers spend hundreds on headphones because of this. However, what about players who desire good audio without headphones? White speakers for their white PC are likewise needed.

That example, shooter games that require crisp sound benefit from speakers and headphones. Consumers who work with audio need good speakers.


We’re using Audioengine A2+ speakers for smooth audio without cords. Besides being wireless, the speakers can be connected by USB. Additionally, the Bluetooth range is ~100 feet, ensuring seamless connectivity.

The Audioengine A2+’s price makes it hard to recommend. Their outstanding audio quality devalues the price. The $269 Audioengine A2+ is a premium model. This is more pricey than the monitors we looked at before.

If you want good speakers in multiple colors, get the Audioengine A2+ because these speakers are mostly white, black, and red. The Audioengine A2+ can connect numerous devices thanks to dual analog audio.

In conclusion, the speaker set uses ~60W of power, making it power-hungry. Therefore, consider your power supply when buying these speakers. All in all, the Audioengine A2+ are great speakers for many uses. They’re great for gaming and work.

White Case Fans

Like CPU coolers, case fans improve thermals. For instance, strategically positioning chassis fans will reduce hot air. Three in-take fans are usually at the front, three out-flow at the top, and three in-take at the bottom. The chassis has one out-flow fan at the back.

Now, we also need white PC fans for a white PC. Whether or not you use water to cool your PC, you will still need case fans. Fans are important because water makes heat that needs to get out of the PC.

Case Fan

For this white PC build, we picked the Cooler Master SickleFlow 120mm V2 fans. Since the power needs are low, the SickleFlow fans can reach speeds up to 1800 RPM. Also, unlike a white PC radiator, you don’t need a lot of room in your frame to fit these fans.

One thing often forgotten about water cooling is that you need the right pipes, coolant, and pumps. With air cooling, you can do the job with just a few well-placed fans. Also, you don’t have to buy different things of the same color, like a white cooler.

Lastly, three fans cost $50, which is a good deal considering how well they work. Even though the prices can be cheaper, it wouldn’t be worth it if the performance was worse.

Clients must desire quieter fans, so we have another pair. The Corsair iCUE SP120 fans cost more than the Cooler Master SickleFlow ones. However, they are less noisy, having a noise level of ~18db compared to ~27db for SickleFlow ones. Thus, these are also good.

White PC Power Supply

Next, a white power supply. A motherboard connects all components, and a power supply powers them. You need a proper power source to run all the components of a computer.

Also, if you keep adding new parts, you’ll need a heavy power source. So, 600-800W is enough power to run even the biggest computers.

Power Supply

We needed a good PSU for our white PC build, so we went with Corsair’s RM750x. To explain, there are many different kinds of power supplies on the market, such as modular and non-modular.

Non-modular power supplies have cords, whereas modular ones don’t. Furthermore, power supplies have variable ratings. Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and titanium. The Corsair RM750x is an efficient power supply with an 80+ gold rating.

The RM750x’s 750W power supply should suit most high-end PCs. However, anything below 1000W is useless for Intel 12th-generation builds. For a Ryzen 5000 system with an RTX 3080, 750W should be enough.

Pricing-wise, the Corsair RM750x is a premium power supply. RM750x safety is outstanding for $145. In contrast, alternative 750W 80+ gold power supplies are inexpensive. Finally, 500W should be enough for a smaller construction.

White PC Cables

Your white PC construction requires separate PSU wires unless you select a non-modular power supply. Good cables also define your build’s looks. Thus, when building a custom PC, align your cords.

Buying white wires for a red-themed PC won’t match. Thus, choose a theme, the major components, the power supply, and the wires.

PC Cable

Since our PC is white, we must stick to the same color scheme. We need to use Corsair cords because we use a Corsair power supply.

To be clear, you shouldn’t connect power supplies with cables from different types. Because if you do, there’s a chance that the wires will short out. So, to ensure a Corsair power supply is safe, you should use Corsair cords.

In the same way, our Corsair wires have high-quality sleeves that make them look better and stronger. You also get an ATX 24-pin, 12V EPS, and normal PCIe cables to give you all the necessary power.

The price labeling says Corsair cables cost $67. This price is steep, but the quality is worth it. Customizable non-modular power supplies are available. You can save a lot of money for other parts.

Overall, a power supply is a computer’s heart. Fitting power-hungry components into a small PSU will reduce performance. Additionally, decent connections complement the power supply and construction.

Our Criteria For Selecting the Best White PC Build

Planning for a white PC is difficult. White is a color few choose because it shows dirt and stains. Keeping it clean is difficult but feasible. White PCs are charming, and you can succeed if you’re up to it.

However, white isn’t a prevalent color for PC components, and the market has little choice. We took your problem and studied the industry to locate the Best White PC Build components for practically all ranges so you didn’t have to. You may wonder how we did this research. We used some basic benchmarks to evaluate all the below components.

PC Case

The PC case holds all the essential parts of the setup. Black PC cases are abundant, making it hard to find a white one. Additionally, limited selections make choosing the white case with crucial features difficult. PC cases with enough capacity for all components should have cooling grids and enough cooling fans to prevent overheating.

Graphics Card

You can choose any graphic card. However, white ones are limited. Only high-end GPUs have white graphics cards. You’ll have to pay more if you want a white GPU for aesthetics. We looked into high-end GPUs and found that Nvidia GPUs, specifically RTX 3080 and 3060, were more available in white. We recommend either of these GPUs for performance and white vibes, depending on your performance needs.

Coolers and Fans

White cooling components are easier to find than graphic cards and PC cabinets. Due to many manufacturers, these small but vital components are easy to find in your selected color. Who wants a fan or cooler without RGB lights?

You can check the best CUPs for your gaming PC here!

This market niche is scarcer. We searched the market for RGB lights and white cooling fans to solve this problem. Considering the variety of products, choosing an RGB white fan with durable quality was difficult; most cooling fans were below our criteria. However, we discovered the best white cooling fans that fit our criterion.

Power Supply

Power Supply (PSU) is another key component of any PC. It powers all other components to work together to produce the finest results. There were numerous tiny things to consider while selecting a PSU.

The PSU must offer adequate watts to power all PC components. If any component loses power, the rhythm will break, causing mistakes and bottlenecking. In addition, we had to impose the constraint of purchasing a white PSU, which reduced our options to a few that passed all our required tests.

PC Peripherals

PC peripherals allow us to access PC components. These include the mouse, display, and speakers we use to play games and do other computer chores. If you want a white design, you need white peripherals.

We looked for a white monitor with the lowest response time and highest frequency to eliminate game lag and maximize visual enjoyment. While shopping for a speaker, we wanted a white one with crisp sound, great bass, and treble, wired or wireless. We examined wireless ones’ audio and video latency and battery timing for maximum performance and pleasure.

Benefits of White PC

Having a white PC has pros and cons. A white PC is rare because not everyone can afford a high-quality component. A white PC looks great. A white theme enhances the computer’s beauty. All components of such a computer are attractive and give off a luxury sense.

Drawbacks of White PC

Making this computer has certain drawbacks. One is that the computer’s grime and stains are obvious, which lowers the user’s mood. White is transparent, so even a small mark is evident. If you can maintain it clean, create a white PC. If not, choose another color. Another problem is that white components are hard to find and expensive. So, creating such a construction is expensive, but if you can afford it, we encourage it because the premiums are higher.


While customers like bright colors, many choose minimalism. Generally, white PC builds are not well-known but not unknown. White PCs cost more than other bespoke builds. Because white PC parts are rare. Even a white RTX 3060 is overpriced. White PC builds appear sophisticated and are perfect for formal settings.

Overall, a white water-cooled PC costs more than an air-cooled one. Pipes, reservoirs, pumps, AIOs, and others must be purchased. All of these factors raise the price exponentially.

Aesthetics usually cost more than standard. For any build, the goods we examined in this post are suitable. For instance, the Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB kit is black. Thus, many readers will benefit from this essay. Most components in the white PC build article support RGB. You can customize your structure using colors on the move.


What is the best gaming PC built in 2023?

The Ultimate $3,500 Gaming PC Build for September 2023 has unmatched gaming performance! AMD’s fast Ryzen 7 7800X3D 8-core gaming processor with 3D V-cache powers it. It is the CPU of choice for gamers.

Is it better to build or buy a PC 2023?

Building your PC can save hundreds, depending on your build. It will be constructed to your specifications, making it easier to repair and update. You’ll feel proud being a creator, not just a tech user.

Is it worth to build a PC in 2023?

It’s not a good moment to develop a desktop. Everything is expensive, especially the latest and (rarely) greatest CPUs and GPUs. The PCWorld YouTube channel has a special guest with practical tips on finding the best gear at the best price.

Should I buy a PC now in 2023?

No longer is a new PC a good investment in 2023. PC market hiccups and problems are everywhere. Post-pandemic inflation, rising production costs, and supply chain concerns suggest holding onto your money.

Is Intel faster than AMD?

AMD and Intel processors differ in price, performance, power consumption, architecture, and features. Intel CPUs are fast, especially in gaming and content creation, but AMD processors are cheaper and more energy efficient.


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