Best DIRECTV Packages

Which are the Best DIRECTV Packages?

A lot of people use DIRECTV as their satellite TV service. It is owned by AT&T, which sells bundles that include DIRECTV, internet, and phone service. But you can get DIRECTV without it being part of a package. There are a lot of HD channels and great sports shows on DIRECTV. They also have a large number of pay-per-view channels.

Satellite TV is great because you can get it almost anywhere. You only need a clear view of the sky in the south. The Genie, their DVR, is among the best on the market. It can store more than 200 hours in HD.

Here you can find The best DirecTV packages and deals

  1. Entertainment – 165+ channels $75 64.99 a month
  2. Choice – 200+ channels $80 $69.99 a month
  3. Ultimate – 270+ channels $100 $84.99 a month
  4. Premier – 340+ channels $150 $134.99 per month
Best DIRECTV Packages
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What is DirecTV?

AT&T owns DirecTV, a satellite TV service you can sign up for. It says on its website, “The number one satellite service in the US.” It has over 26 million subscribers and offers live TV and TV that you can watch whenever possible.

All DirecTV packages come with a satellite dish and the company’s Genie HD DVR, which lets users record up to five shows at once and store more than 200 hours of TV, so there should be less fighting over who can watch what and when.

You also get the DirecTV app, which lets you watch live and on-demand shows on your phone or tablet over Wi-Fi. You can even save your DVR recordings to a device and watch them when you don’t have internet.

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How much does DirecTV cost?

DirecTV’s Premier package costs $134.99 per month, has more than 330 channels, access to live NFL games that aren’t shown in your area, and premium channels like HBO.

You can get DirecTV for much less, of course. Without breaking the bank, the $64.99 per month Entertainment Package gives you more than 160 channels, like ESPN and NBCSN.

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Note that all prices are based on a 24-month contract, and DirecTV reserves the right to make a small change to the price of your chosen package after 12 months.

Also, DirecTV is part of AT&T, so if you bundle your TV package with an AT&T internet package, you could get up to $300 back in reward cards. Nice.