RGB panels

They let you build 3D light sculptures inside your PC case with these RGB panels.

Corsair is a leading seller of ways to go entirely beyond with RGB lighting—take, for example, its massive 500mm case fan and extremely bright desk lights, which are both available from the company. To make things even better, the company has developed a means for me to install a light-up “J” for Jorge inside my computer, just how the Almighty intended. However, it will have a negative impact on my finances.

They are magnetic mini-triangles that you can stick on the interior of your PC case and connect in whichever way you like. The iCUE LC 100 accent lighting panels are available in a variety of colors. People won’t be able to stop you from setting up glowing pyramids within your gaming computer because you can create three-dimensional forms using your computer (although they can judge you).

Similar lighting panels are available for purchase on the internet, but none are intended expressly for use as PC interior décor. They are controlled by Corsair’s Lighting Node Pro controller and the iCue software, which is also used to customize Corsair’s other RGB devices, including the iCUE LC 100 panels. One controller node can control up to 18 lights at the same time.
You could use this if you wanted some lights inside your computer that were a little fancier and stranger than a standard light strip.
Your new RGB voyage, on the other hand, will not be inexpensive. The basic kit, which includes nine panels and a controller node, is available for purchase for $129 USD. In order to add extra lights, you will need to purchase an expansion set, which will cost you $100.