Core i9 12900KS

The 12th Gen Core i9 12900KS is now available for purchase

The Core i9 12900KS, Intel’s new top CPU, is already in the hands of people. This means that the launch is near. If the rumours are true, the 12900KS will be out later in March.

People who bought 12900KS before the listing was removed have already received the retail version. This is according to a post at (via Tom’s Hardware). It looks like the packaging is very well done, with a mock wafer included.

This picture is from the post. It shows the CPU with an Asus motherboard in it. Bios temperatures that aren’t being used are important, but it could be because the cooler isn’t being put in the right place. It’s not a big stretch to say that this CPU won’t be able to run at full speed without a top-of-the-line air cooler or AIO.

We’ll have to wait and see if there’s enough room for overclocking before we can buy it. When the single core clocks up to 5.5 GHz, it would seem that ambient cooling would be able to keep up with that speed.
In the BIOS screenshot, you can see what Asus calls the “SP” rating, which is a way to measure how good a CPU is.

It tells you what kind of overclocking power it might have based on its voltage and frequency points, which are shown in the graph. 155 is a very good number for this 12900KS sample, which means it is very good.

The Core i9 12900KS was first shown off by Intel at the CES 2022 show in January. Is a proof of the power of the Intel ‘7’ process Single-core boost clock: 5.5GHz, which is 300MHz faster than Core i9 12900K’s.

Up to 5.2GHz can be used on all cores. This is an extra 200MHz over the 12900K’s 5.0GHz boost clock. We don’t know how much the 12900KS cost to buy or how much power it has. It’s safe to say that it will cost more than the standard 12900K.

The standard 12900K has a PL2 rating of 241W, so we’d expect the 12900KS to be able to pull more than that, maybe even 300W. That’s a lot, but people who want the best performance aren’t going to care about a few extra watts. It’s all about how well you do.