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Nvidia may offer GPUs from the 3000 series alongside the next-generation GPUs

The severe chip scarcity, paired with the high demand for crypto mining, has had a significant negative impact on the performance of graphics cards in recent years. Obtaining a respectable one during the past few years has been virtually challenging, and those who have succeeded have frequently had to pay a high price for their efforts.

Given that scarcity is all but over, it would appear that charging headlong into the next generation would be a wise decision. However, Nvidia is considering keeping some of the older cards on the market for the time being. Nvidia may release GPUs from the Nvidia 3000 series with the next-generation GPUs. I guess we’ll all have an opportunity to get our hands on a 3000 card at some point.

A question concerning next-generation products, notably new GPUs, was raised during an investor event. Nvidia CFO Collette Kress responded positively to the question. Kress didn’t reveal much about what we can anticipate from the new GPUs, but he did hint that the 3000 series of GPUs may be retained and marketed alongside the next generation of chips.

According to Kress, even during this period of COVID and supply limitations, “it’s been intriguing because it’s provided us with the option for gaming to continue to sell both the current generation (RTX 3000) and the Turing generation (the RTX 2000 series).

The reason for doing so is to increase the amount of supplies we can deliver to our players in that area. And it’s possible that something similar may continue in the future. According to the company, the Nvidia 2000 line of graphics cards received an update in RAM last year. It seemed like a strange decision at the time, but it was obviously intended to assist with the burgeoning demand for gaming graphics cards.

Although we had hoped for some excellent low-cost 2000 series improvements, we were instead presented with alternatives that were a little more expensive than we had anticipated. There is some hope that things will be different this time around, with the expectation that the new generation of cards will be released without the massive shortages and high demand that have plagued previous generations.

If a considerably more competent flagship is released at the same time as the 3000 series cards, it is possible that the 3000 series cards will be sold at a fair price. Given that we haven’t seen much of the RTX 3090 Ti since its launch earlier this year, it’s possible that it may only be available for a few months until the next generation arrives.

We expect that card to have very limited availability, but with all of the hype, it’s possible that Nvidia may really invest a significant amount of resources in its production. Perhaps a small quantity will be available at launch, followed by a larger number when the next generation is released. No matter how things turn out, at the very least, it appears that GPUs of some sort will be available in the future, which is something to look forward to.