Intel Arc graphics card cannot play Starry Sky

Intel Arc graphics card cannot play “Starry Sky”

The Intel Arc graphics card can’t run “Starry Sky” and got bad reviews. Before the game comes out, the formal answer will be changed. Unbelievable! Intel Arc Graphics Card Fails to Play ‘Starry Sky’! Is Yours at Risk? Find Out Now! 🎮🚫 #IntelArc #GamingDrama

On September 2, it was reported that the highly anticipated masterpiece “Starry Sky” is entering the early access stage of the Deluxe Edition/Premium Edition/Collector’s Edition. Some N-card and A-card players have already started to play, but Intel Arc (Ruiju) graphics card players are unhappy. They are having many problems, such as downtime, inability to load, crashes, lags, and even strange pictures.

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Before this, both Nvidia and AMD had made better drivers for “Starry Sky”. Even though the hardware performance of the Arc graphics card is fine, players have complained that it has not been set up to work with the driver in advance.

We know that Starfield has a problem with Intel Arc graphics cards. Before the game comes out, we are working hard to improve the player experience.

In answer, Intel posted on the X platform (which used to be Twitter) that it was aware of the above problems and promised to fix them before the game’s official release on September 6. IT Home includes a copy of Intel’s original statement, which says the following:

Additionally, Intel intends to release the next-generation Arc GPU known as “Battlemage” during the summer of next year. The news that the number of Xe cores in Intel’s next-generation GPU will double to 64 was first reported by RedGamingTech, which is known to be a reliable source.