AMD Adrenalin

According to reports, AMD Adrenalin software modifies user-configured BIOS CPU parameters

AMD Adrenalin software, according to reports, modifies the CPU settings set by the user in the BIOS. Oops! That’s a little naughty of you. AMD’s Adrenalin software for Radeon graphics cards is being accused of mistakenly modifying the Precision Boost Overdrive settings of computers equipped with Ryzen CPUs, according to reports appearing on the internet.

The fact that it is doing so without the user’s permission is the problem. In the process of deploying GPU profiles, the automated enablement of PBO can cause problems for users who have otherwise stable overclocks.

Following an investigation, Igor’s Lab informs the team of the problem it has discovered. It claims that the integration of AMD’s Ryzen Master CPU software and Adrenalin Radeon software allows the program to change CPU overclocking parameters without the user’s knowledge by default.

The problem is not life-threatening, but it has the potential to create system instability, particularly if a user has a manually adjusted overclock that is on the verge of being unstable, at which time any additional CPU configuration modifications could result in a system crash.

CPUs these days have numerous security measures built in, and AMD’s Precision Boost settings are normally conservative, making the possibility of CPU damage quite remote. The modifications are only visible on computers equipped with an AMD Radeon GPU and a Ryzen CPU. Systems with Intel CPUs are unaffected because AMD software, by its very nature, cannot access the CPU parameters of Intel processors.

If you’re concerned that your overclocking will be negatively affected, there are some workarounds you can try. The first point may seem self-explanatory. Make a backup of your BIOS profile so that it may be re-enabled quickly.

To remove the Ryzen Master component from the Adrenalin software, you can use a third-party app called Radeon Software Slimmer, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store. This effectively eliminates any potential of CPU manipulation.

Automatic overclocking tools that are simple to use, stable, and trustworthy are truly a wonderful thing, but only if the user is aware of the adjustments being performed and gives their consent. If AMD continues to be more transparent in its Adrenalin releases in the future, there is no reason why this type of feature shouldn’t be maintained.

That which is truly problematic is when settings are changed without the user’s awareness. AMD must allow the user to opt out of any type of automatic overclocking that occurs without their express authorization.