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Best Dpi for Gaming Mouse

This article will discuss how to Choose Best DPI for Gaming mouse. While gaming is a relatively new feature to the online community, its significance has grown significantly. The success of the gaming sector has overtaken that of the music and film industries. As more people join the gaming industry, the demand for gaming has grown due to the availability of mobile games.

When the hand is not moving as much as it should, the pointer will go further when the mouse DPI is high. Additionally, if you like playing video games and want to improve your scores, you should spend money on the top gaming mouse. So that you don’t have to change how much you move the mouse when switching to a different mouse or playing another game, these games often allow you to utilize a higher DPI with a lower sensitivity.

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What is DPI?  What does DPI stand for?

The resolution of the mouse sensor is measured in DPI. It might be mistaken for mouse acceleration, sensitivity, and polling rate.  The number of dots or scannable increments that can fit into a square inch is measured in DPI.

Therefore, the higher the DPI, the sensor can accurately identify more of these dots. DPI, which stands for “Dots per Linear Inch,” is a statistic that describes gaming mice that tells how many pixels the pointer will travel relative to 1 inch of actual mouse movement. Therefore, 400 screen pixels will move for every inch your mouse moves if it is set at 400DPI.

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What DPI Is Good For Gaming?

800 is the optimal starting DPI for a machine capable of 1080p or 1440p resolution. This level, even though it may seem low, is suited for most gaming types. Instead of continuously adjusting the DPI setting on their mouse, users should establish an eDPI for each game they play.

Once the optimal sensitivity for that title has been found and stored, that setting will always be ready to go when needed. Because no one DPI is ideal for every potential scenario, you should choose a base capable of supporting as many different configurations as is humanly feasible rather than cycling between the mouse’s various levels.

If a game does not include a standard option for adjusting the mouse’s sensitivity, then 800 can be too low for various game genres. In these situations, start at 800 and increase exponentially from there, advancing 400 DPI at a time.

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How to Choose Best Dpi for Gaming Mouse?

It is ultimately up to the user to decide how many dots per inch (DPI) they want their mouse to have, and it is advised that users experiment with all of the mouse’s settings to see which one works best for them. A wide variety of gaming mice come equipped with a DPI button that, when pressed, progresses through the available levels.

Some of these mice enable the user to personalize this input via an accompanying software program. Do not be afraid to try different things to get the optimal settings.

How to Choose Best Dpi for Gaming Mouse Video

Monitor Resolution determines DPI

Because a 4K display has four times the pixel count of a 1080p screen, a mouse with a DPI of 1600 would seem significantly slower on the former than on the latter. When choosing a DPI, connectivity between the monitor and mouse should be the determining decision, like every other gaming PC element.

Although some mouse offers a DPI of 20000 or more, such values are unfeasible for most people unless they have an 8K display. In truth, users with 1080p and 1440p displays do not need a mouse with a DPI of more than 1600; even that might be unnecessary.

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High DPI (>1000) Benefits

Because a higher DPI results in a faster rate of cursor movement, it is widely agreed that these settings are ideal for twitch shooters and other games that place a premium on quick reflexes. On the other hand, increasing the DPI leads to a reduction in accuracy, which in first-person games that place a premium on precision may be a game-ender.

Despite this, a high DPI might be helpful in games like role-playing games (RPGs) and massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) where players want to move their cameras around fast.

Benefits of Low DPI (<1000)

A low DPI makes every pixel count, providing players complete control over the cursor at the expense of speed; nevertheless, this comes at the cost of rate. MOBAs and strategy games need exact movements; therefore, having a high DPI would be unhelpful in this kind of game.

Mouse Sensitivity & EDPI in-game

The vast majority of games available for personal computers allow players to adjust their mouse sensitivity. Depending on whether this choice is raised or lowered, the mouse’s DPI will change, creating what is known as eDPI (“Effective Dots Per Inch”).

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A mouse with a DPI of 1200 will have an eDPI of 2400 if the game’s sensitivity is set to 2 times the average level. On the other hand, if the sensitivity is set to 0.5x, the mouse’s electronic dot per inch (eDPI) will be 600. Altering a mouse’s sensitivity may also be accomplished via Windows


In this article, I have mentioned How to Choose the Best Dpi for Gaming Mouse. You may also consult these suggested configurations for the most popular categories of video games played on computers.

You need a 1000 DPI to 1600 DPI mouse to play MMOs and RPGs. For first-person shooters and other types of shooter games, a lower DPI range of 400 to 1000 is ideal. You need 400 DPI to 800 DPI for MOBA games.

Real-time strategy games perform best with a DPI level between 1000 and 1200. If you follow these recommendations, you will see that a mouse with a DPI of 16000 is likely unnecessary for most of these games.

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FAQs for Best Dpi for Gaming Mouse

What DPI should I use for gaming?

notable professional and streamer DPI and sensitivity levels range between 400 and 800.
You’ll find that the majority of professionals use a DPI that falls somewhere between 400 and 800, which allows gaming mouse to perform flawlessly.

Is higher DPI better for gaming mouse?

A higher dots-per-inch (DPI) setting is preferable for gaming over a lower one for a number of reasons; nevertheless, this is ultimately a matter of personal opinion. Your mouse will have less input lag and improved precision if you increase its DPI setting. In the end, despite the fact that the rewards are minimal, every millimeter counts when it comes to competitive games.

Is 16000 DPI good for a gaming mouse?

A 100 DPI is obviously rather low, while a 16000 DPI can be excessively sensitive and rapid for the task at hand. For certain games, such as those in which you control the character by moving the mouse, increasing the DPI can be beneficial. However, if you are playing a game that requires accurate targeting, it is not a good idea to use a mouse that is both extremely quick and sensitive.

What DPI is best for FPS gaming?

Because of this, the recommended maximum value for the best DPI for playing shooter games is 1000. Naturally, you will always have the option to adjust the sensitivity of the controls within the game itself.

Can DPI be too high?

There is a good chance that you have the sensitivity or DPI (dots per inch) setting on your mouse set way too high. This puts you in positions where you have to make almost imperceptible movements with your hand in order to fire rounds with any degree of precision. It’s high time that was fixed.


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