Best Time to Buy a Monitor

Which is the Best Time to Buy a Monitor?

When would be the greatest time of the year to purchase a new monitor? This is the very information that this guide will assist you in determining so that you may make the most savings possible. Now we will talk about which would be the best time to buy computer monitor.

Are you interested in purchasing a new computer monitor but don’t know when is the best time to buy a monitor or best month to buy a computer? Then you are at the right place to get all the knowledge you need.

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The majority of you probably aren’t going to be surprised to learn that the greatest time to score the best prices is on Black Friday, followed closely by Cyber Monday for the best deals available on internet shopping.

On the other hand, if you’ve already missed your opportunity and simply cannot wait until the next Black Friday, there are still several other best time of year to buy computer monitor that are preferable.

If you want to get a better bargain on a new monitor, you might want to hold off on making the purchase until after the Christmas holidays. Computer monitor Labor Day sale is also a good option for the people who want to get good monitor in reasonable prices as there are several heavy discounts.

Usually, the months of January and February are typically the best time to buy a computer monitor because this is the time of year when the majority of monitor manufacturers renew their supply and consequently reduce their prices in an effort to sell off their older stock. which is why it is considered as the best time of year to buy a monitor.

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Due to the fact that TV makers attempt to sell more units around the time of the Super Bowl, late January in particular is an excellent time to search for televisions.

Last but not least, if you shop around during the “return to school” season, which runs from the middle of July through the middle of September and encompasses Labor Day as well, you might be able to discover some excellent offers.

Along with back-to-school and office supply discounts, this time of year also sees markdowns on select desktop monitors and laptop displays.

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In addition to These Suggestions

Moving on, in the event that you are able to do so, you could want to think about purchasing an older model of the monitor or a product that has been previously owned and used.

When a monitor manufacturer introduces a new series of displays to an already existing line of monitors, the prices of the earlier series of monitors typically go down to make room for the newer series that develops a best time to buy monitor according to your need.

The improved variants often merely have a better design; nevertheless, the price for purchasing one of them can be significantly more. Make your own comparisons of the changes, and decide for yourself whether or not the extra features justify the higher price.

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Purchasing a refurbished monitor is not the best option because you will most likely receive a warranty that is shorter and you run the chance of receiving a display that has dead or stuck pixels as well as other monitor issues.

Last but not least, check to see if the resolution and refresh rate of the monitor you intend to purchase can be handled by your personal computer and that you have selected the screen panel that is most suitable for your requirements.

Deals and Buying Guide for Computer Monitors

  • The monitor size of 27 inches is what we propose. Nevertheless, you should opt for the largest monitor that will still fit within your working space and your financial constraints. Because 27 inches is quite a significant distance, take a ruler with you and conduct some measuring.
  • If you have the budget for it, splurge on a monitor that supports 4K resolution. Even while monitors with a resolution of 1080p provide an excellent viewing experience, material with a resolution of 2160p is quickly becoming the industry standard. If you have the financial flexibility to spend more than $250 on a monitor, you should consider upgrading to a 1440p or 4K one in the best time to buy a gaming monitor.
  • Widescreen multimedia displays can be used for any and all purposes. Choose a widescreen monitor if you want to get the most out of your time spent watching movies, playing games on your computer, and working. They have a resolution of either Full High Definition or 4K and come in both flat and curved shapes. You should buy them in the mid of December as it is the best time to buy gaming monitor.
  • If the is a comparison between 144hz vs 165hz, 144Hz refresh rate can be overclocked to 165Hz, and it, like the LG, has native G-SYNC compatibility. It features a fast reaction time at any refresh rate, which means motion appears fluid, and it offers a reduced input latency for a responsive gaming experience.
  • A refresh rate of at least 60 hertz and preferably higher is recommended. The number of times in one second that a screen on a monitor is refreshed is referred to as its refresh rate. A normal monitor with 60Hz will refresh the screen 60 times per second, whereas a monitor with 120Hz will refresh the screen twice as often. A refresh rate of 144 hertz or higher offers a smoother gaming experience, which is beneficial to competitive gamers.
  • A typical response time for a monitor is 5 milliseconds. The amount of time it takes for the monitor to change from one color to another is referred to as the response time. Response times should ideally be as minimal as possible for gaming purposes (1ms is ideal).

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Cheapest Place To Buy A Monitor

Here are some additional tips for finding the cheapest place to buy a monitor online:

  • Shop around and compare prices from multiple retailers.
  • Look for sales and promotions. Many retailers offer discounts on monitors throughout the year, especially during major shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Consider buying a refurbished monitor. Refurbished monitors are often significantly cheaper than new monitors, and they come with a warranty.
  • Use a price comparison website. Price comparison websites can help you find the best deal on a monitor by comparing prices from multiple retailers.

The cheapest option for a given monitor model and condition varies across retailers and changes frequently. Doing thorough comparison shopping both online and locally is key to finding the best monitor deal. Be prepared to act quick when you find discounted pricing.

Best Places To Buy Monitors

Here are some of the best places to buy monitors:

  • Amazon: Extensive selection of monitors from all the major brands. Frequent discounts and sales. Free shipping with Prime. Easy returns.
  • Best Buy: Large on-site selection of monitors to see in person. Price matching guarantees. Open-box discounts. Regular holiday sales.
  • Newegg: Popular retailer known for affordable pricing on tech and computer components. Wide range of monitor brands and models.
  • B&H Photo: Large inventory with frequent monitor deals and bundles. No sales tax outside NY. Fast shipping times.
  • Micro Center: Brick-and-mortar stores offer great pricing on monitors and bundles. Price match guarantee.
  • Dell: Good prices when buying monitors directly from Dell, especially when on sale. Extra discounts for students and military.
  • LG: Direct purchases come with competitive pricing. Frequent promotions on LG monitor models.
  • Samsung: Official Samsung site offers deals on their monitors. Educator and student discounts available.
  • Office Depot: Carry monitors for office use. Frequent sales and coupons available on site. Price match guarantee.
  • Costco: Affordable pricing on monitors sold in-warehouse. Extensive return policy. Member-only deals.

To get the best monitor prices, compare deals across multiple retailers and look for discounts, open-box offerings, price matching, and bundle deals for additional savings.


In this article, I have elaborated you that when do computer monitors go on sale. I hope this information has helped you decide when is the best time to buy a computer monitor. Before purchasing a monitor, be sure you verify all of the items listed above. I am confident that you will find the greatest laptop monitor.

The first thing I would recommend is that you assess your budget. If you have a limited budget, you may use the list above to determine which monitors are appropriate for your needs. Sales can be very helpful as they are the best time to buy monitors in a very low cost. Then it is determined by what you are looking for. For example, if you want a monitor with high colour accuracy, go for an IPS screen.

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FAQs for Best Time to Buy a Monitor

When should you get a new monitor?

There is no set time for when you should get a new computer monitor. But computer monitors need to be changed every four to five years, on average. But if the monitor breaks or you want to upgrade to a better one, you can get a new one much sooner.

What is a good price to pay for a monitor?

How much does it cost to buy a monitor? Computer monitors can cost as little as $50 or as much as $1000 or even more. On average, it costs between $200 and $300.

Should I wait to buy a new monitor?

If you want to get a better deal, you might want to wait to buy a new monitor until after Christmas. In general, January and February are good times to buy a new monitor because that’s when most companies restock their supplies and often lower prices to get rid of their old stock.

Should I wait to buy a monitor until Black Friday?

Monitor deals are great on Black Friday. A good monitor can make a big difference whether you’re a serious movie fan or a competitive gamer.

Which is the Best Time to Buy a Monitor?

When deciding the best time to buy a new monitor, there are a few things to think about:
Sales and discounts: Throughout the year, many stores will have sales and discounts on monitors. If you keep an eye out for these, you can save money on your purchase. As well as the holiday shopping season, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are often good times to find deals on monitors.
If you want the newest and best models, you might want to wait until new monitors come out. Keep in mind, though, that new models can be more expensive than older models that may be just as good.
Your current needs: If your current monitor doesn’t meet your needs or is starting to show its age, it may be worth it to buy a new one, even if it’s not the best time to buy in terms of sales or new models coming out.