144Hz vs 165Hz: Choosing the Perfect Refresh Rate for Your Display

144Hz VS 165Hz

Have you been looking for a 144Hz gaming monitor to buy online, only to find that you can obtain a 165Hz display instead for a little more money? And here is when the disconnect becomes readily apparent. The difference between 144Hz VS 165Hz is a topic of heated dispute among dedicated gamers, and this is quite understandable.

Because of the marketing strategies used by the primary display manufacturers, I had difficulty deciding which monitor would be best for our needs. It was particularly true when comparing monitors with various display hertz but in the same price range.

The main difference between the two refresh rates is an increase of 21Hz, or 21 frames per second. That's 14.5 percentage points higher than at 144Hz. How noticeable a change of 14.5% will be significantly dependent on your level of perception and how often you play at high framerates.

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Because you’re currently reading this post, choosing the right monitor for your gaming machine should not be difficult. I will go through your options before deciding whether the display (144Hz VS 165Hz) will be the most suitable for you.

Therefore, let’s not waste any more time and begin right now.

165Hz VS 144Hz: What are the Differences?

The primary difference between 144Hz VS 165Hz is that the latter offers an additional 21 frames per second than the former does. Because of this, 165Hz is 14.5 percent better than 144Hz; however, the magnitude of the difference that this creates relies on how alert you are and the frequency with which you play games with high frame rates.

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Comparison Table

Number of frames per second144165
Time taken to display a frame6.94ms/frame6.06ms/frame
CostLess expensiveMore expensive
Suitable forStatic gamesCompetitive games

The Quality of Animation and Images

I’ll go into depth about the other variations that result from the difference in the number of frames. Animation and picture quality are the primary differences. Depending on the games you choose, these refresh rates guarantee a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. However, 165 Hz is the clear victor of overall performance, mainly if you like playing demanding games like FarCry 6 or CyberPunk 2077.

You may appreciate crisper, sharper visuals, more seamless transitions, and more vibrant colors with 165 Hz. additionally, you can now notice things that you previously missed. However, a 144 Hz refresh rate cannot provide the same advantages because of the number of frames.

Additionally, a high refresh rate results in improved visual quality, substantially reducing stutter, display tearing, and motion blurring, which may significantly affect your performance, particularly in competitive games. That does not mean that 144Hz is a terrible frequency. You may still enjoy fluid gameplay, even with static games that aren’t as demanding or involved as deep RPGs or horror games.

Framing Rate In frames Per Second

The Framing Rate difference between 144Hz VS 165Hz is relatively straightforward: at 144Hz, you receive 144 frames per second, whereas, at 165Hz, you get 165 frames per second. It implies that the latter offers 21 more frames per second, which has further advantages. By reducing screen tearing, ghosting, and motion blur, it improves the whole gaming experience.

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A fast frame rate is crucial for competitive games since it allows you to see every transition and action without suffering screen tearing. It makes sense since a 165 Hz refresh rate allows your screen to show graphics with more clarity and detail than a 144 Hz refresh rate.

Refresh RateFrametimes per MillisecondDifferent than previous
 60 Hz   16.66ms/frameNill
 75 Hz   15 ms/frame1.66 ms/frame
  144 Hz   6.94 ms/frame8.06 ms/frame
  165 Hz   6.06 ms/frame0.88 ms/frame


As you may anticipate, 165 Hz offers better performance and quality at a higher cost, so you can expect more costly gaming displays. The main problem is whether more costly 165 Hz displays are worthwhile. The response depends on how seriously you take gaming. You should update to a better (but more expensive) display if you consider yourself a competitive player who enjoys playing challenging, high-quality, dynamic video games.

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But if your GPU isn’t capable of upgrading to 165Hz, you can still play many video games on a 144 Hz gaming display. With these factors in mind, it is evident that your GPU and your preferred gaming settings will determine whether you should spend the extra money and get 165Hz or go with 144Hz.

144 Hz: Complete Overview

It is believed that if you have read this far, you are familiar with display Hz and how it works. Playing high-resolution games on a 144Hz monitor with your gaming setup will result in butter-smooth movements.

Not just that. I’ll list the positives and drawbacks of 144Hz displays to increase awareness. If you’re considering a 144 Hz monitor, have a look.

Benefits of 144 Hz Refresh Rate

There is no need to discuss the advantages of switching from a 60 Hz display to a 144 Hz panel. Once your eyes touch the show, you’ll notice the change. However, there are several benefits of 144Hz that you need to be aware of when in 144Hz VS 165Hz.

Here are the benefits of 144 Hz Monitor:

Affordability: As I’ve already said, the Monitors with a lower display Hz are more cost-effective than those with a greater one. Although the difference in price between 144Hz VS 165Hz is between forty to seventy dollars, the two frequencies’ performances are in no way comparable. 

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Purity of the Image: It is the most beneficial display aspect that can refresh at 144 hertz. The pictures seem to be as transparent as crystal when examining the contents. If the rest of the hardware components are compatible, the level of detail in the photographs is quite mesmerizing.

The refresh rate is 144 hertz, and they are the typical edges of it. Let’s not overlook that utilizing the 144 Hz display has a few prerequisites and restrictions.

Disadvantages of 144 Hz Refresh Rate

144 Hz displays offer some advantages, which I reviewed before, but they also have a few disadvantages. Even though they are not very important, it is important to point them up.

To begin, the panel that displays information. The monitor’s price is far more than it should have been since it has either an IPS or TN screen. In addition to this, the color mix of the TN panel does not make up for the high cost.

Additionally, the 144 Hz displays have a high demand for performance. You will need a powerful graphics card to make the most of the capabilities offered by a show with a 144 hertz refresh rate. You need to have a strong GPU installed to render up to the utmost possible limit on the display. The heightened gaming experience will not be available to you if you do not.

165Hz: Good for Competitive Gaming?

Before moving on to the section on competitive gaming, you need to have a solid understanding of the constraints imposed by 165 Hz. When you have the necessary information, it will be up to you to evaluate whether or not anything is suitable for use in a gaming place. However The fundamental difference between 144Hz VS 165Hz is that the latter provides an extra 21 frames per second than the former does.

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Displays with 165 Hz each have advantages and disadvantages, much like those with 144 Hz. Having stated that, let’s talk about the qualities that they possess.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of 165 Hz Monitors are as follows:

The advantages of panels with 165 Hz must be emphasized. As soon as you get your hands on the monitor, you will feel like you have been transported to another dimension due to the improved picture quality and viewing angle. In 144Hz VS 165Hz, the 144 Hz will deliver a viewing experience that is somewhat smoother and will reduce the amount of motion blur. Even if it isn’t a considerable amount, you’ll still be able to tell the difference between it and 144 Hz, in addition to the fact that it has a higher framerate.

However, a few limitations are associated with using a display with 165 hertz. If one disregards the price point, the product’s configuration is the most critical factor. You will need to configure the refresh rate to use a monitor with 165 Hz. Because the monitor does not have a built-in refresh rate, you will need to set up the many sophisticated settings on your own manually.

In light of these characteristics, you need to decide whether or not 165 Hz will bring out the best in your performance when you play in a competitive setting.

In the context of competitive gaming, I believe that you should make an effort to get a 4k display capable of delivering a frame rate of 165 hertz if you are in a position to do so. If beating the competition isn’t your top objective, you may want to reconsider spending the additional money until you’ve given it some more thought.

Does the Number of Hertz or the Refresh Rate Affect the Game?

Simply said, a screen with a higher refresh rate is more responsive. Play games on a monitor that supports a higher display hertz. You will indeed have the edge over other players when it comes to identifying opponents and navigating through fast-paced games where every frame matters.

However, the outcome of that event is not solely determined by your Monitor. To guarantee your superiority over other players, you will need to invest in some oversized equipment items.

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It includes your powerful central processing unit and a graphics processing unit (GPU) that may assist you in producing higher-quality rendered images.

Why are extra components of a personal computer required to provide a higher display hertz? Glad you asked. Assuming that you have a game display capable of 240 hertz (Hz), the show will need more graphics processing from the components to provide a higher resolution when you start a game on your setup. It is because the game is being rendered at a higher resolution.

 It’s also possible that you won’t be able to use the display potential if your setup isn’t powerful enough to provide that level of rendering quality. It would seem that you need a monitor that is suitable for use with your system. Otherwise, if you buy a monitor just because it has a faster refresh rate and better synching capacity but you plan to use it with a low-end computer, your gaming experience will be negatively impacted.

Determine whether or not the output of your computer is compatible with the refresh rate of your display. It is essential to get the most out of the performance of your computer without overdoing it.

Quick Tips

  • Why Refresh Rate Matters: Understanding the Basics
    Refresh rate determines how fluid motion looks on a monitor. Higher is smoother.
  • 144Hz vs. 165Hz: Unveiling the Key Differences
    144Hz used to be the gold standard, but 165Hz is a bit faster for even smoother motion.
  • Gaming Performance: How Refresh Rate Affects Gameplay
    Higher refresh rates reduce input lag and make fast motion look crisper.
  • Smooth Motion: Benefits of 165Hz for Video and Animation
    165Hz helps video and animation look extremely fluid and lifelike.
  • Hardware Compatibility: Ensuring Your Graphics Card Can Handle It
    Make sure your GPU can output at least 165 fps to fully utilize a 165Hz monitor.
  • Refresh Rate and Eye Comfort: Minimizing Strain and Fatigue
    165Hz reduces eye strain compared to 60Hz by requiring less frequent blinking.
  • Choosing the Right Panel: TN vs. IPS for High Refresh Rates
    IPS has better colors but TN is faster, so consider your priorities.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Common Queries Answered
    What cable do I need? DisplayPort. Does resolution matter? Yes, drive 165Hz at 1080p.
  • Expert Recommendations: Best Monitors in Each Category
    Lists top 165Hz monitors for gaming, work, and budget options.
  • Making Your Decision: Factors to Consider Before Buying
    Consider your budget, graphics card, and intended use before choosing.


The analysis between 144Hz VS 165Hz should have shown you at this point that the two frequencies vary in several ways. The primary difference is that 165Hz provides you with 21 more frames per second, resulting in several distinct advantages. You will have access to improved animation and picture quality, increased frames per second (fps), enhanced reaction rates, and a more satisfying experience overall.

165Hz, on the other hand, has a higher price tag. Because of this, you should evaluate 144Hz VS 165Hz to determine whether it is worth paying the additional money. Having said all of that, unless you are a skilled gamer, I would advise you not to make the transition from 144Hz to 165Hz since the difference isn’t that significant. If, on the other hand, you are in the process of replacing your 60Hz display, you are free to experiment with either mode to see which of the two suits your needs and preferences better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 165Hz enough for gaming?

The most recent UHD (ultra high definition) TV with the highest resolution is an 8K TV. 8K TVs are another type of UHD resolution. They have four times as many pixels as a 4K TV, so the picture is clearer and has more details.

Can 165Hz run 144Hz?

You won’t get a single FPS more than your monitor’s refresh rate if your screen isn’t tearing. Can I use 144Hz on a monitor that has 165Hz? Yes, you can play 144 Hz games on a 165 Hz screen.

What Hz is best for gaming?

Refresh rate is especially important for gamers, so you should look for a monitor with at least 75 Hz and the lowest response time you can find. Most gaming monitors have at least 144 Hz.

How much FPS can 165Hz run?

A faster rate of updating. This means you have to buy a computer monitor that runs at 120Hz, 144Hz, or 165Hz. These screens can show up to 165 frames per second, which makes gameplay much smoother.


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