Intel Iris Xe Vs NVIDIA MX350

Intel Iris Xe Vs NVIDIA MX350: Which Is Better?

Compare how well an Intel Iris Xe Vs Nvidia MX350 work. What’s good and bad about each card? And who will win this fight? Let’s check it out! Laptops with 11th-generation CPUs have the new Iris Xe graphics card built in. Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs now have Iris Xe, which Intel just showed off. Because of this, the market has a lot of tough competition.

With the new Intel® Iris® Xe graphics, which have a revolutionary GPU and integrated graphics, designers and creators can have better game experiences and work faster.

What is Intel Iris Xe?

The new Iris Xe graphics card is an 11th-generation processor-specific GPU for computers. Core i5 and i7 processors are now available for Iris Xe, just released by Intel. Intel Xe has a new way of putting together instructions. Intel Iris can handle up to three 4K HDR displays simultaneously, which is excellent for gaming, switching between tasks, and making content.

What is Nvidia MX350?

The NVIDIA® GeForce® MX350 is a GPU built into some laptop makers. It makes your laptop faster for both work and play, giving you up to 2.5X better performance when everything works together. It also has the most up-to-date technology for lowering the power it uses. This gives you the best mix of speed and battery life.

Key Takeaways

  • The new Iris Xe graphics card is an 11th-generation processor-specific GPU for computers. It uses Intel’s 10nm+ process, which is very advanced and efficient.
  • The Nvidia MX350 is much better, but they have about the same strength. But the Iris Xe doesn’t have the 2GB of VRAM.
  • Regarding graphics quality and overall performance, the Nvidia MX350 is better than the Intel Iris Xe.
  • Since they are both integrated GPUs, the critical factor is how much power they use. Intel Iris Xe is better than Nvidia MX350 regarding low power use and good battery health.

Intel Vs Nvidia Rivalry

Since a few years ago, Intel HD has come a long way. It may perform better than Nvidia’s entry-level GPUs now, even though Nvidia’s GPU is much stronger than Intel’s.

Nvidia, another GPU maker, has competed in the market for a decade, providing some of the most excellent graphics cards. They develop discrete or high-performance graphics solutions for desktop and laptop computers. In the last decade, they have focused on graphics card development and advancement.

Even though Intel has been making GPUs for a while, the company is best known for its CPUs, starting with the Intel GMA and then moving on to the Intel HD Graphics. These are usually built into the hardware (Intel GMA) or the CPU (Intel HD). They are alright, but they are only suitable for a few tasks too.

Intel Iris Xe Vs NVIDIA MX350

The MX350 is much better, but they have about the same speed. But the Iris Xe only has 2GB of VRAM, so the bundled graphics might be better. Comparisons on the Internet say that the MX350 is better, but I need to find out how much RAM it has. VRAM limits the MX350 a bit, but it will use system RAM if it has to, just like Xe, and Nvidia has better driver support.

Intel uses the cutting-edge 10nm+ (10nm SuperFin) process to make the Tiger Lake SoCs and, by extension, the integrated GPU. This should lead to a very high level of performance.

The GP107 Pascal chip is used by both the Nvidia GeForce MX350 and the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050. Nvidia says that the size of the memory bus has been cut in half to 64 bits (GDDR5) and is 2.5 times faster than an i7-1065G7.

Some of the most challenging games in 2019 are Division 2, Metro Exodus, and Rage 2, but you can only play them at the lowest detail settings. But early tests show that the speed is about the same as a GTX 960M and a bit slower than a GTX 1050.

Fifa 20 and other games that don’t need as much power should work fine at high settings and even 1080p. But this also relies on the computer’s processor and main memory. See below for detailed game scores.

Technical Specs Difference 

Aside from the fundamental differences, let’s compare the specs of the Intel Iris Xe vs. MX350 to learn more.

The design, the primary clock rates of the GPU cores, the manufacturing process, the speed of texturing, and the speed of calculations are all parts of the general performance.

These factors give you an idea of how well the computer will run, but you need to look at their benchmark and gaming test results for a more accurate assessment. Some graphics cards can easily use more power than their TDP, mainly if they are boosted.

Pipelines / CUDA cores96640
Core clock speedNo Data1354 MHz
Boost clock speedNo Data1468 MHz
Number of transistorsNo Data3,300 million
Manufacturing process technology10 nm14 nm
Thermal design power (TDP)No Data25 Watt
Texture fill rateNo Data29.98

Gaming Benchmarks

Intel Iris Xe performed better in gaming benchmarks. Consider heat dissipation and noise. The two graphics cards averaged a 6-10 fps difference. Intel’s technology is better for high-powered graphics cards. If you like to play video games with an average FPS of 60 or more, it may not matter which one you get because they both work about the same.

The table below shows how many frames are shown per second (FPS) at different screen sizes.

Full HD27 47 
1440p20No Data
4K14No Data

Frame Rates

The average frames per second in games with Iris Xe MAX Graphics and GeForce MX550 will depend significantly on your settings. If your settings are on ultra, there is no doubt that Nvidia will work better than Intel Iris XE. The operating system and other things can change the frame rate.

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This would let players play games with lower-quality graphics and less demanding visuals at 60 frames per second or more with ultra pictures.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The IRIS XE MAX is just slightly behind the MX 350 in the picture below. When playing Tomb Raider, the graphics cards’ images are pretty good.

Intel Iris Xe Vs NVIDIA MX350

Wither 3

The picture below shows that IRIS XE MAX only falls short of the MX 350. When playing Witcher 3, the images on both cards are pretty good.

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Rocket League

When we play Rocket League, we see that Intel Iris Xe graphics are much better than NVIDIA MX350 graphics. The FPS for Intel Iris Xe is almost 75, while the FPS for NVIDIA MX350 is more than 90.

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GeForce MX550 and Iris Xe MAX Graphics work well with other computer parts. Compatibility should be considered when picking a new computer setup or upgrading an old one. To fit them, notebook motherboards solder connection slots and buses. Both use PCIe 4.0 x8. Graphics cards also need extra power connectors, but they come with them.


Installed memory factors are essential because VRAM lets your graphics card store high-resolution frames and textures with more detail. People sometimes think better memory means faster FPS, but that isn’t always the case. But it makes the experience more stable and smoother, especially with high graphics options.

Memory typeLPDDR4xGDDR6
Maximum RAM amount4 GB4 GB
Memory bus width128 GB64 GB
Memory clock speed4266 MHz12000 MHz
Memory bandwidth68.26 GB/s96 GB/s

Graphics Review

Benchmarks favor Intel Iris Xe. Games on Intel chips averaged 38 FPS, whereas NVIDIA GPU games averaged 13. Both are similar at low settings. For ultra settings, I recommend an Intel CPU for $100 extra. The intel iris xe outperforms its rival in frame rate.

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The Intel Iris xe got around 60 frames per second at high settings, while the Nvidia GeForce mx350 only got 23 frames per second. Even in a different gaming setting, the results were the same. The average FPS for the Intel iris xe was 46, while the average FPS for the Nvidia GeForce mx350 was 17.

If you only look at this data and want a smooth gaming experience, you should buy an Intel chip instead of one from a rival.

GPU benchmarks

The best Graphics Card can be hard to find. Start with some simple benchmarks. 3DMark Cloud Gate GPU and 3DMark 11 Performance GPU measure different things but are effective beginning points for comparing Graphics Cards. Focus on these two tests:

3DMark Cloud Gate FPS 

This compares the performance of a single GTX 960 to that of multiple GPUs running in SLI or Crossfire mode. It makes it easy to compare the performance of different GPUs or different GPU modes. It also shows how people might feel if they played games on a PC that didn’t have Windows.

API support

We’ve heard that Iris XE won’t work with CUDA but will work with DirectX, Shader Model, OpenGL, OpenCL, and Vulkan in full. The Nvidia Mx350 is also the same. It has excellent support and uses the Vulkan Graphics API. On the other hand, Intel Xe only works with Vulkan 0.16 and supports it.

Price Comparison

But Nvidia MX 350 laptops cost slightly more than Intel iris Xe laptops. Both cards had built-in graphics. The GeForce MX350 uses the Pascal engine, and the Iris Xe Graphics G7 uses Gen. 11 Ice Lake.

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GeForce MX350 is made with a 14 nm process, while Iris Xe Graphics G7 is made with a 10 nm process.


This video card might be the best choice for gamers who care most about frames per second (fps) or how much power they use. Regarding gaming on a budget, the NVIDIA GeForce MX350 is a good choice because it performs well at a lower price range of $150-190.

But if you want something between the two and still care about things like performance or price, you might be left thinking about the best graphic cards for budget gaming.

Overall, Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7 96EUs is the best choice with the most potential, but not everything will also work out. People should consider these things before buying a new graphics card because every game differs.


Which is better Nvidia MX350 vs Intel Iris Xe?

What’s Important. The new Iris Xe graphics card is an 11th-generation processor-specific GPU for computers. It uses Intel’s 10nm+ process, which is very advanced and efficient. The Nvidia MX350 is much better, but they have about the same strength.

Is Intel Iris Xe better than Nvidia?

Intel’s Iris XE is slower than NVIDIA’s. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 is over 900 percent faster than the Intel Iris XE card.

Is nvidia MX330 better than iris xe?

In our studies of GPUs, the Iris Xe Graphics G7 chip was by far the best. Across our different benchmarks, we saw speed gains that ranged from 26% to 51%. Check out the game tests below to decide for yourself which GPU is the best.

Which is better Intel Iris Xe Graphics or Nvidia MX450?

GeForce MX450 averages 4% greater Call of Duty: Warzone FPS than Iris Xe Graphics G7. GeForce MX450 outperforms Iris Xe Graphics G7 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by 6%. In Cyberpunk 2077, GeForce MX450 averages 1% greater FPS than Iris Xe Graphics G7.

Is Iris Xe good for gaming?

This processor also lacks gaming power. Online benchmarks show the CPU can reach playable framerates at up to 900p levels but not at 1080p.