How We Test: Behind the Scenes

We want to be the first place you come to for honest reviews of tech, design, and art products. If you want to improve or buy new tech, we have all the information you need to make a smart choice. We are 100% independent and have been in business for decades, so that you can buy with our trust.

We test every product thoroughly so that our reviews are well-informed and full. And our review testing doesn’t stop with the final verdict. We also do longer-term reviews of products, going back to tech and software often to update reviews and ensure they stay useful. Our reviews are written by people who use the goods daily and writers who love the newest technology because it’s important to them.


Visit our “About Us” page to learn more about Being Know, our team of writers and editors, and how to contact us. You can ask us anything by sending us an email or following us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

All reviews and “best list” product scores are committed to excellence in the same ways:

Independence: The products and services we suggest have been chosen for evaluation, review, and recommendation by our editors, who work independently.
Our team of experts has worked in their fields for decades and is very good at what they do.
Hands-on tests:
We take products out of their boxes whenever possible, touch them, and try them. We sign up for services, try them, and use them ourselves.
When we can’t test a product or service, we make recommendations based on reports and studies. We also look at what business experts and customers have to say.
We think about prices and try to find the best choice for the least amount of money.

Guarantee on Our Reviews

We hold ourselves to high standards when we review the latest tech, software, and art goods on Being know, so we have a set of rules that we always follow. These things:

  1. We’re completely independent, and we’ve never been paid for a review.
  2. We review goods and tech that our readers need, are interested in, or want to know more about. This is based on our editorial focus.
  3. Advertisers can’t tell us what to think or what to write. Our thoughts are free and always true.
  4. We like technology and software and use these goods, so if they stink, we won’t be shy about saying so.
  5. We love style. If something looks good and was made with thought and care, we’ll likely like it. In the same way, bad design will stand out.
  6. We test goods in real life and over time, just like you would. We don’t let schedules or testing limits stop us. Every product is tried as if it were going to be used.
  7. If you don’t like one of our reviews, email the editor, and we’ll consider what you say.

Our Review Scoring System

Here at Being Know, we keep things simple and clear, so we get out of five stars. Some reviews may give a product half a star if it is just on the edge of getting a full star. It’s clear: the more stars a product has, the better it is.

When we review an object, like the newest iPad or the latest version of Photoshop, we look at many different things. These help our reviews understand why you should pay attention to a product or stay away from it. We take into account the following:


How does the product work? How do its main specs compare to other products on the market? Do the new features help or hurt the way the product works?


We’re the best design and art site in the world, so we care about how something looks. But it goes even further. How does the design of a product help with how it works, feels, and is used?


We like things that are ready to use right out of the box. Every product’s user experience starts with how easy it is to unbox and set up. What’s in the box, too? Does the maker think about every use and way to set up?


Performance is, of course, very important. In this area, each object is reviewed differently. Industry-standard benchmarks judge laptops and computers. For software, art, and craft goods, we look at the UI and UX approach and the quality of the results. For example, does a Cricut material do what it says it will?

Value for money:

We always think about whether or not the product is worth the money. This is more important than ever. We look at the suggested retail price and search the internet for the best deals. We’ll let you know if a pricey product can be bought cheaper or as part of a package deal.

Reviews, Guides and Group Tests

When people come to BeingKnow, they will see that we rate goods in three main ways: reviews, buying guides, and group tests (also called “head-to-head”). We do this to give you more information options and to compare goods similarly.

Deep-Dive Reviews are written after spending more than a week with a product, sometimes even a few months. We like to test goods the way you will use them, so we spend a lot of time with a laptop, drawing tablet, software, and anything else we may be rating. We don’t review from a meeting or event where we were there. We only review things we have in our office or at the homes of our writers. Look at our AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Review to see what we mean.

Buying Guides are made by putting together the best-of-class lists from our main reviews when possible. These are ways to group similar goods under a single term. You’re looking for the Best AM4 CPU For Gaming, you can find them all here.

Occasionally, we’ll make a guide based on reviews from other people. These reviews are often gathered from Future’s other websites and magazines to make useful “best of” lists. Not all of these may have star grades. For example, Future magazine Play helped us make our guide to the Ryzen CPU With Integrated Graphics.

Comparisons, We can make reviews that compare similar goods by using group tests. These kinds of reviews are often called “versus” reviews. Most of the time, they compare two or three goods to see which one is best. Comparisons are a great way to rate goods, as we often narrow down the best laptops or tablets on the market to the top two or three. Take a look at our RTX 4070 Vs RTX 3080 Ti as an example.