How to Pair or Repair Roku Remote

How to Pair or Repair Roku Remote? Best Guide 2023

Roku provides access to Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and many more streaming services from any television by acting as a portal to hundreds of different online video streaming channels. On the other hand the procedure of reset or Repair Roku Remote is easy to do. And even though your Roku player comes with a bit of remote control that is meant to function automatically straight out of the box, there are situations where it is not as easy as it seems.

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There are two varieties of remotes that are compatible with Roku players: the basic remote, which sends commands to your Roku through an infrared beam and does not require pairing, and the enhanced remote, which communicates with the Roku through a paired connection and controls the player through the use of radio frequency (RF) waves.

If you need a Roku remote replacement, your Roku device might not recognize the new Roku remote when you take it out of the box; in this case, the replacement remote will need to be Roku remote pairing with your Roku device. However, not every remote control has to be associated with another device.

If either the Roku basic remote or the Roku voice remote is not performing as it should, you may look on this page for tips on how to fix common problems, such as pairing your Roku remote or restarting your voice remote. An upgraded remote should contain a pairing button, often located in the compartment where the batteries are stored.

This article will show you how to pair a Roku IR automatically or a Point Anywhere remote, reset or repair Roku remote, add a new remote, and unpair an existing remote. If you’re in a hurry and need to turn down the volume or turn on your Roku device, you may utilize the “Roku remote app” to accomplish it.

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Is There a Pairing Option on Every Roku Remote?

The newer Roku remotes often have Bluetooth connectivity options, which allow them to link to your Roku device and access more sophisticated functions. These pairings typically take place automatically when you insert new batteries, and the remotes are ready to use right out of the box.

These new remotes include the Voice Remote and the Enhanced Voice Remote, which can be distinguished from one another by search buttons in the form of either a microphone or a magnifying glass. It indicates that the remote control should be associated in some way.

On the other hand, certain Rokus, particularly earlier versions, use what is known as a “basic remote,” which communicates with the device using an infrared connection. These remote controls do not have advanced features such as voice commands but do not need a Bluetooth connection to function correctly.

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It is not necessary to pair these remotes; all you need to do is insert the batteries and aim them in the direction of the set-top box. They often have fewer buttons, and rather than providing search or microphone functionality, they provide fundamental back and replay functions.

How to Connect a Roku IR Remote

Some Roku remotes use IR (infrared light); thus for them to operate with a Roku, they need a clear line of sight to the device; nevertheless, they do not need real pairing.

Insert the batteries (AA or AAA), then point to the buttons you need to use on the remote and press them. This step is only necessary if your Roku device comes with an IR remote. There is no need for any other pairing.

Instructions on How to Pair a Roku Remote or Point Anywhere Remote

On the other hand, both the Standard Point and the Enhanced Point Anywhere remotes use radio frequency (RF), Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi Direct technology. These remotes don’t need a direct line of sight to function, but they need to be connected with a Roku device before they can be utilized. Moreover the method of reset or repair Roku remote is straightforward to do.

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“Simple” remotes are incapable of voice control and solely have IR capabilities. The enhanced remotes offered by Roku have voice control and wireless pairing, enabling users to command a TV in any direction without touching the device physically.

Instructions should be followed to successfully link an enhanced voice remote with an add-on Roku streamer (such as the Ultra or a Streaming Stick).

  • Unplug the Roku device you’re using, then wait five seconds before plugging it back in. You won’t need a separate soundbar or receiver during the setup process since you’ll connect it straight to your TV.
  • Take the top off the battery compartment of your remote. If you haven’t previously done so, put the batteries in the device.
  • You should find a button for pairing the device close to the hole for the battery. Hold that button as soon as the Roku home screen displays, and continue doing so for five seconds or until a status light begins blinking.

The timing is quite constrained since you must press the pairing button within the first thirty seconds of the home screen loading. A notification will display as a pop-up message on your Roku if everything goes well. If the pairing does not succeed, start the procedure again.

Another crucial point to remember is that the steps are almost the same if you are connecting with a Roku TV, except that you do not have to disconnect anything. Power on your TV and make sure it is set to the home screen. When we talk about that Roku remote online, the Roku mobile app is a control center that converts your smart phone into a control center for your Roku player or TV.

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After successfully connecting your remote with your TV, you may still need to configure it so that the TV-specific controls (such as the volume and power) function correctly. After selecting the appropriate remote model from the drop-down menu under Settings > Remotes & devices > Remote on the Roku home page, you can set up the remote for TV control.

A Guide to Reset or Repair Roku Remote

Pull the power wire out of the wall outlet for roughly five seconds, and then re-inserting it will allow you to reset your Roku device. When attempting to connect the remote, this step might occasionally help fix Bluetooth-related issues that have arisen. You might also try restarting the remote to see if it resolves the problem. The procedure of reset or repair Roku remote is straightforward to do.

Proceed in the following manner:

  1. Your Roku device’s power supply has to be disconnected from the wall first and then reconnected after about five seconds.
  2. When the home menu shows on the screen of your TV, you should place the batteries into the remote control but keep the compartment for the storms open.
  3. Within the remote’s battery compartment, you will find a button labeled “pairing.”
  4. Once you have located the pairing button for your remote, push and maintain pressure on the button for at least five seconds or until the pairing light on the remote begins to flash.
  5. Please be patient and wait thirty seconds as the Roku device pairs the remote control with itself. You should get a notification on your TV confirming that the pairing process has been finished.

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How to Add a New or Second Remote

You can add a new remote or a second remote to the same Roku TV or player to operate it. If you have gaming remotes, it is possible for two people to play compatible games simultaneously, which is a helpful feature.

  • You may access Settings by navigating to the bottom of the Home Menu’s category menu, which is located on the left side of the screen.
  • Choose the Remotes and Devices option.
  • Pick the option to configure a new device.
  • Select the Remote option.
  • If the combination is unsuccessful on the first try, you will need to try the steps again.

When we talk about using the Roku remote on computer, we find out that there is a free option to buy the remote control built for Roku devices. 

How to Unpair a Roku Remote

Unpairing a Roku remote may often resolve troubles that you’ve been experiencing with that device. The process of unpairing is quite similar to the operation of pairing.

  • Pressing and holding the Home, Back, and pairing buttons on the remote simultaneously for three to five seconds is required.
  • There should be three blinks on the indicator light.
  • You may verify that the pairing has been removed by hitting various buttons on the remote control and seeing whether or not your Roku TV or device replies. If it doesn’t, it has been unpaired.

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If you follow the guidance I provided in this article, you should be able to pair or repair Roku remote successfully. Remember that the remote with your Roku player may also be used to control various other devices, including your soundbar. Consequently, you won’t have to look for more remote controls constantly. Whether you want to stream in Dolby Vision at a high resolution or at an affordable price that is more in line with your budget, a Roku streaming media player can accommodate your needs in every possible way.

 Roku offers various streaming media players, including the Roku Streaming Stick. Regardless of whatever Roku device you choose, with the more expensive Roku Ultra or the less expensive Roku Express, you will still have access to all your services.

It is true no matter which Roku device you use. Even if every Roku product is an excellent option, if the remote control for your Roku is not functioning correctly, you should attempt changing the batteries in it. If it still doesn’t work after you’ve tried it with new batteries, you can manually repair Roku remote or reset it so the player can fix it.

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How can I get my Roku to detect my remote?

While holding down the pairing button, wait for the status light to turn green and start flashing for five seconds. If you have recently restarted your Roku device, it will recognize the voice remote and connect to it immediately.

If the pairing button is missing from my Roku remote, how can I connect it?

Installing the Roku app on your iPhone or Android device is the first step in getting started.       Launch the Roku app, and then choose Remote from the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen.
Make your selection using the remote controls by going to Settings, then selecting Remotes & devices.
Pick the option to configure a new device.
Choose Continue after checking the box next to Remote to confirm your selection.

How can I connect my Roku player to the wireless network without control?

Downloading the Roku mobile app is the only way to connect your Roku to Wi-Fi without using the remote. Open the app and navigate to Settings > Network > Set up a connection to establish a relationship. Then, follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Where can I find the pairing button on my Roku?

You’ll find the pairing button and status light on the rear of a rechargeable voice remote, such as the Roku Voice Remote Pro. On an agent remote that takes AA or AAA batteries, the pairing button and status light are behind the battery cover (such as the Roku Voice Remote and Roku Enhanced Voice Remote).

Is there a pairing button on every Roku remote?

All voice remotes contain a tiny, circular “pairing” button that may be found within the battery compartment or on the back of the remote to aid in establishing the dedicated wireless connection with your Roku device.

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