How to Flatten a Mousepad

How to Flatten a Mousepad in No Time: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you have any difficulty moving the mouse across the mousepad? Then your mouse pad should be flattened. How to flatten a mousepad is an issue that we are all experiencing. A mousepad is a specific surface that guards against scrapes and other harm to a computer mouse.

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They come in various sizes and forms and are often constructed of fabric, paper, or plastic. While using a computer, some individuals use them to rest their mouse on, while others use them to keep their desktops tidy. Additionally, mousepads might roll up whether they are brand-new or when you travel with them. And the pad can be unequal when you unroll it.

How to Flatten a Mousepad?

Rolling your mousepad in the other direction is the most efficient approach to flattening it out. It may also be ironed with a towel placed on top of it by exerting little pressure. It is also helpful to provide heat to the bumps by using a hairdryer.

I created this article to assist you in flattening your mousepad since I understand how irritating it can be to have a mousepad that quickly curls up. Grab your reading glasses and read the whole article.

How To Flatten a Curl packaged Mousepad?

A wavy or curly mouse pad will not benefit you in any way. It doesn’t feel comfortable to use, and it doesn’t look well either. You don’t want to target a mouse when you have to go around obstacles. Your mouse doesn’t necessarily have a problem.  You’re probably wondering how you’ll get rid of your old mousepad and replace it with a hard mousepad at this point.

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No, you don’t have to do that because I’ll show you how to solve the problem step-by-step and with complete freedom of movement. People may face this issue due to the manufacturer’s poor packing.   It has a tiny box wrapped inside of it when it is delivered, so when people remove the mousepad, it is already uneven.  In addition, if your mousepad has bumps, you should follow the instructions to flatten it.

The steps to flatten a mousepad are as follows:

Flatten the Mousepad with an Iron

A method for flattening a mousepad has been used and is beginning to curl up in the centre. You may push down on the middle of the pad with an iron set to the lowest. Avoid overheating to prevent damaging your mousepad. The center of the place will flatten down; as a result, making it simpler to operate.


  • On a level surface, place your mousepad.
  • With the fabric, wrap your mousepad.
  • Put the heat on medium in your iron.
  • Start ironing the mousepad after covering it with a wet towel. Always begin at the corner of the mouse pad and work your way toward the centre.
  • Repeat the procedure two to three times more.
  • After ironing, let it cool.

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Roll the Mousepad Opposite Way

If you have a mousepad that is rolled up and want to flatten it to make it more useable, you may do it in the opposite direction of how it is folded up. Start by unrolling the mousepad so that the whole cloth surface is accessible. Next, take one end of the cloth and fold it in half so that the raw edge meets in the centre. Continue folding until you reach the mousepad’s opposite end. Finally, form a loop by tucking this end under itself.

Follow These Steps:

  • Invert the direction of your mouse’s scroll wheel.
  • Enclose it for two to three days.
  • If you don’t have the box, you may use a rubber band or another item with a sufficient grip to retain the thing.
  • Unpack it within two days.

It is the simplest method for everyone.

How to Flatten a Mousepad under Heavy Objects?

For this strategy, heavy books are ideal possibilities to consider. You may stack many books on top of each other to generate a more significant amount of force. To get the most outstanding results in levelling the surface, it is important to spread them out equally over the area.

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This approach, like before, may take some time, too; however, you can speed up the process by repeating it overnight when you are not using your desk until the desk mat is smooth and flat. Or, if you want to get the task done more quickly, you may keep it hidden away behind books all the time and use an alternate mousepad. 

Take special attention around the mousepad’s borders if it has RGB coloring. LEDs and the controller module might be damaged if subjected to excessive pressure.

Put Gentle Pressure on the MousePad

This procedure is likewise time-intensive, but it is effective. This strategy offers benefits to a lot of users. Curl-packaged mousepads might make it difficult to move the pointer by applying pressure to the mouse.

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Follow These Steps:

  • On a level surface, place your mousepad.
  • Put particular pressure on your mouse.
  • You may use books as weight.
  • Put your dryer in a specific location to avoid bumps.
  • Maintain the pressure for two to three days.

Use a HairDryer

This procedure is similar to the iron approach, except we’ll use a hairdryer instead of the iron. Therefore, you may use this approach as an alternative if you don’t have an iron at home.

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  • On a level surface, place your Mousepad.
  • With the cloth, wrap your Mousepad.
  • If you don’t use the cloth, set your Hairdryer to the highest heat to maintain medium intensity.
  • Place your hair dryer towards the textured regions. Always begin in the corner and work toward the center of the Mousepad while using the Hairdryer.
  • Do this two to three more times.
  • Allow it to cool.

You may quickly repair your Mousepad in this simple way.

How To Flatten an RGB Mousepad?

A form of mousepad that may be modified with various colours is an RGB mousepad. The glue is on the top layer of the RGB mousepad, the RGB LEDs are on the middle layer, and the mouse is on the bottom layer. You can do a few things to flatten your RGB mousepad if you want to save up some desk space.

Make a tiny hole with a pin in the pad’s centre first. The mousepad’s centre may then be flattened using a piece of paper or cardboard. Finally, reduce the place to its original form using a hairdryer set to low heat.

Other Approach You may follow these instructions as well:

  • Put your mouse pad on a level surface and cover it with a substantial piece of fabric.
  • Never use a device with less than 500 GSM.
  • Set the heat to medium in your iron.
  • Start ironing your mouse pad after covering it.
  • Always begin ironing at a corner and work your way toward the centre of the mouse pad. Two to three times should be done.

How to Clean Your Mousepad?

People’s use of mousepads makes them one of the world’s most accessible pieces of technology equipment. In addition, they are one of the most common environments where bacteria may grow.

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Cleaning your mousepad may seem impossible, but it’s not as challenging as you would imagine. You will need some essential home goods and some spare time for this project. You may take a few straightforward approaches to clean a mousepad that has started taking on an untidy and discoloured appearance.

  • Apply some water to your sponge or cloth, and then wring it out.
  • Compress the cloth or sponge to remove any extra water from it.
  • To remove any extra moisture from the mousepad, place the towel or sponge on top and then push down hard while making circular movements.
  • To remove any dirt, dust, or particles from the top of the mousepad, gently rubs the cloth or sponge over the whole surface of the mousepad.
  • Use a dry cloth or sponge to remove any residue that may still be present.
  • Before you use your mousepad again, give it enough time to dry out properly.

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It would help if you now experienced the smooth glide of your mouse and the plush, pleasant feel of a brand-new mousepad now that your mousepad has been thoroughly cleaned.


An uneven mousepad ruins the whole experience of using a super smooth computer, and if it’s rough on top of that. There is no way to refute the statement that every user has had this issue with the mouse on their PC. I hope one of you can figure out how to flatten a mousepad. I have complete confidence that following all of these methods will assist you in resolving the issue.

It is not a reason to be concerned if your mousepad has been folded or rolled up. You should be able to quickly flatten your desk pad by following the procedures given in this article, and I hope that you will enjoy using your mouse on a soft and level surface.

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FAQs for How to Flatten a Mousepad

How do I make my mouse pad flat again?

The best way to make your mousepad flat is to roll it in the opposite direction. You can also iron it by putting a cloth on top and gently pressing down on it. Using a hair dryer to heat up the bumps also helps.

Can you iron on a mouse pad?

You can iron the mouse pad to make it flat. Put your mouse mat on an ironing board and turn on the iron. Set it to medium heat in case the mouse mat you’re trying to flatten has specific instructions.

Can you heat press mouse pads?

You will want to place the transfer and mouse pad on the lowest platen of your heat press, with the paper side facing up. Maintain a medium amount of pressure and press the mouse pad at a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit for forty seconds. When it is finished, you will need to wait a few moments before removing the transfer to expose your beautiful personalised mouse pad.

How do you flatten a Razer goliathus Chroma?

Follow these steps to get your Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma to lie flat:
1) Press down and slide outwards over any bump.
2) Start in the middle and work your way out to flatten more.
3) Hold on to something with one hand as you flatten the light strip with the other.
4) Pull the light strip gently toward the corners to flatten.