How to Fix GPU Sag

How to Fix GPU Sag? Unforgettable 2024

Because I got so many questions about how to turn on the How To Fix How to Fix GPU Sag in 2024, so I wrote this article to explain the basics.

The size and weight of graphics processing units (GPUs) are growing as technology improves. For instance, the Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 is one of the best GPUs on the market right now. It can work well and make a lot of power while keeping the warmth down.

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But as soon as you take this graphics card out of its box, you can tell that it is bigger and heavier than some mid-range or low-end GPUs. Materials with higher weights tend to be of better quality. So, that’s a good sign most of the time. Most of the time, that’s true, but extra weight could cause the GPU to drop.

Well, GPU drooping can happen because the graphics card is so big, so it has to carry more than a normal one. PC players and fans are used to hearing the term “GPU sag.” Is gravity affecting your expensive graphics card? You’re not the only one.

GPU sag is common and can even happen to cards that were just bought. The cause is often a bad combination of the weight of the GPU, design flaws, and the way the PC case fits. Let’s fix the sagging graphics card.

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What is GPU Sag?

Graphics card sag is the term for when a graphics card bends or droops because of its weight. This can happen if the graphics card is not properly supported by the motherboard or the case, putting stress on the PCIe spot and possibly damaging the card or motherboard over time.

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How to Fix GPU Sag

If the case sags a lot, it could hurt the CPU and GPU. If the GPU sags too much, or if the weight is too much for the soldered parts to handle, it could damage the PCIe slot. Let’s get this fixed!

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What to do about GPU sag? Try out these ideas!

In severe cases of GPU sag, the graphics card will need extra support, but in less severe cases, nothing needs to be done. GPU sag can be fixed in a number of ways, both with commercial products and with things you can make yourself. Use the one that helps you the most, since some are better than others.

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Cable rerouting

One easy way to fix GPU sag is to use the PCIe or the power line to support the GPU. To use this method, the wires must be run above the GPU with very little slack. When the wires are put into the GPU, they hold the card up so it doesn’t sag.

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Try DIY alternatives

Since this is an easy problem to fix, you have many ways to do it yourself.

Even though they might not be good for every use, I like the DIY options because they give the design a certain style that I find appealing.

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There’s a good chance you have Lego or other building materials around your house. Using a Lego prop or something similar is a great way to give your PC some personality and keep your GPU from slowing down. It also has the extra benefit of letting you change the size and look of the prop to suit your needs.

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3D Print your brace

Printing your own unique brace is the hardest, takes the most time, and is technically the most complicated choice. It gives you the chance to really make it your own and gives you a lot of ways to change it. This is the only option that can be beaten if you have the right skills and tools.

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Curving line or string

Probably the easiest trick in all of this. Take some fishing line or string, tie it to the GPU or the power cable that goes to the GPU, and then fix it to the top of your case. It may not be as stylish or subtle as the other choices, but it gets the job done quickly.

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The Simple Options

The “simple” answers come next. If you don’t want to make your own brace and would rather use something that just works, this is what you need.

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Tweak installation

Due to flexible mounting choices, the GPU can sometimes be set up standing up instead of lying flat. There are also lots of third-party vertical GPU clamps that can hold the GPU in an upright position. The GPU’s centre of gravity moves, and its weight is better supported when it is upright.

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Get a GPU brace

Since GPU sag is a common issue, companies now make support bars to fix it. Even though these braces look different, they all do the same thing. Some brackets are like a shelf on which the GPU can sit and link to the case below.

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Other GPU supports have to hold arms and look like poles. The pole sits on the bottom of the PC case, and the arms that can be moved are placed under the GPU to give it more stability.

Installing a GPU brace is one of the best ways to stop the bowing.

  • The first thing to do is to turn off the PC.
  • The side part of the PC case should be taken off.

From the side, you need to be able to see the GPU and the part of the case where it plugs in.

  • Make sure there is space under the GPU and a free place on the case to put the brace.
  • By going into the empty slot, the brace could hold the weight of the graphics card above it.

Some braces only need one open slot to hold them in place, but others need three holes and three screws.

EZDIY-FAB and up Here, G276ARGB GPU Support Brackets are stand-based braces that don’t work with this installation guide. The JEYI iBrace-8 and the Cooler Master Accessory RGB GPU Support Bracket are two other stand-based braces.

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Stand-based braces are easier to put in place because they don’t need screws or open holes on the case. Open the side panel, put the brace on the floor of the case, and then raise the support arms so that they are facing the GPU.

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How dangerous Is GPU sag?

GPU drooping isn’t a problem unless it gets bigger than 45°. Manufacturers make sure that a GPU can handle these stresses to a certain level by thinking about the different kinds of stresses it may face during the production process.

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So, a certain amount of bending is fine for the GPU’s health; it’s just for looks. But in some bad cases, the sag might actually make things worse.

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GPU sag is the term for when a graphics card bends or droops because of its weight and the processor or case doesn’t support it well enough.

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Over time, this can hurt the card or system. This is why this platform has this long, detailed piece. Several of the ideas in this post can help you get rid of GPU sag and keep your computer and other parts safe.

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There are many ways to fix GPU sag, such as rerouting wires, using Lego or props, 3D printing a brace, using fishing line or string, adjusting the installation, or buying a GPU brace. One of the best options is to install a GPU brace.

To do this, you have to take off the side panel of the PC case, make sure there is space under the GPU, and attach the brace to the case.

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FAQs About How to Fix GPU Sag

How do I tighten my GPU?

This is likely the easiest trick here. Take some fishing line or string and tie it to a part of the GPU or the power wire going into the GPU. Then tie it to your case above the GPU. It doesn’t look as cool or low-key as the other options, but it can help in a pinch.

Are GPU support brackets worth it?

A GPU support plate is not always needed, but there are times when it can be helpful. A support bracket can help keep a heavy graphics card from drooping or bending, which can damage the PCIe slot or GPU over time.

Can a GPU become loose?

If you just got your new computer and you’re having display problems or weird images, it’s possible that your graphics card came loose while it was being shipped. This isn’t very common, but you should always double check to make sure your parts are attached correctly.

Why is my GPU dropping frames?

It turns out that high FPS drops in all games might have something to do with the drivers for the graphics card. The FPS is based on how fast the graphics card can handle and how fast the monitor can update. If your machine doesn’t have the right software support, even the best GPU could fail and cause low FPS.

Is a little GPU sag OK?

Even though GPU sag usually doesn’t hurt your graphics card, it can cause more damage. First, because the GPU isn’t where it should be, it can touch other metal parts and cause damage. Also, if your GPU is slowing down and your PC falls, the GPU is more likely to break.