Drag Clicking Mice

How to Drag Clicking Mice?

Are you interested in learning more about Drag Clicking Mice and how it might be used? If you are reading this, you have most likely heard that clicking your mice in such a way may provide you an advantage in some games where having a high CPS (clicks per second) might be beneficial.

The most excellent gaming mouse for gamer’s includes a drag-clicking function. These aren’t your normal mice by any means. In addition to having an additional button and a higher DPI, drag-clicking mice are often more efficient when performing tasks. You may determine how fast you click and drag by playing the official Click Speed Test game or by completing a simple test such as the “clicks per second” test. I will cover how to Drag Clicking Mice in this article.

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What is drag clicking? How does it work?

The phrase “drag click” describes a unique method for dramatically raising your CPS (clicks per second) in video games. It is instrumental in the game Minecraft, where clicking quickly is essential. The competitive PvP scene mainly employs this technique to quicken the player’s ability to strike an opponent.

You can grasp it effectively if you have a fundamental understanding of physics. The drag-clicking method works because friction is produced when you move your finger while it is in contact with the mouse button.

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Gravity pulls your mouse down with a drag click since you perform this action on a button. Drag clicking cause’s friction to continuously push the mouse button since it will instantly rebound after being depressed. Drag clicking only works when the complete procedure is repeated; consequently, you may get a greater CPS of up to 32 clicks per second.

How to Drag Clicking Mice? How to Become a Pro

  • The first step is to ensure your hands are dry and your mouse’s surface is clean. Sweat and dust may reduce friction when you drag your finger over the mouse button.
  • Hold the mouse as you usually would, supporting the left side with your thumb and the right side with your ring or little finger. Put your middle finger (right mouse button) and index finger (left mouse button) over the mouse button’s top edge.
  • Flip your wrist slightly at an angle and softly push the mouse button in a downward motion to perform a drag click (towards the front of the mouse).
  • Don’t pushes too firmly; merely let your finger pass through the button? If you begin to hear a “grinding noise,” you’re doing it correctly. You’ll also notice a minimal vibration as you slide your finger over the mouse button.
  • You may use an online tool to check that your drag clicks are functioning.

Why is it Vital to Use the Drag Click?

Most gamers are more concerned with how quickly they can click the mouse since it directly impacts their gaming experience. Players who want to be successful at games like Minecraft must acquire skills in their fingers. You may drag a click by rapidly moving your finger over the surface of your mouse, which causes friction between your skin and the mouse button.

 It enables you to make use of the conflict that is created. Because of this friction, vibrations are produced that are picked up by the mouse switch, which ultimately results in the mouse being able to detect more clicks than would otherwise be feasible.

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Which Mouse Type Is Required for Drag Clicking?

As we’ve stated, clicking your mouse while dragging is quite demanding. Any mouse you use runs the risk of having a much shorter lifespan. It would help if you had a mouse with two features. To start, it needs to have textured buttons that are simpler to drag and click. Second, the switches must be durable enough to endure the force of drag clicking.

The Roccat Kone AIMO is an excellent mouse if you’re only looking for a single for this. Pro Minecraft PVP players that utilize drag-clicking almost daily are fond of this mouse’s remastered version.

If you’re not a fan of the Kone AIMO, you may locate some of the most significant pieces of hardware available to increase your CPS by looking through our guide to the best mouse for drag-clicking.

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The Following are Some Ideas for Mouse Tape for Drag Clicking:

Electric tape: If you want an inexpensive tape solution that is easily accessible in your home, the electric tape is the way to go. It’s usually used to hide up electric cables, but it’s also excellent for raising friction and boosting CPS. You should give it a go and see how it goes for you.

Razer Tape: This second alternative is quite pricey. When you hear the word Razer, you know it’s not a cheap option, but it’s also not terrible. Razer features textured tape that boosts your CPS rate by at least 2-3 clicks while providing a firm hold on the mouse. If you’re looking for a less expensive solution, various off-brand grip tapes are available online.

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Silicone Grip Tape: Silicone grip tape is created by combining the low cost of electric tape with the high performance of razer tape. It is compatible with practically any mouse and instantly increases CPS. 


This article discusses How to Drag Clicking Mice, which is the topic of this article. You can’t go wrong with any of the abovementioned knowledge if you want to understand how to drag-click and get started putting the approach into action. It is possible that using drag-clicking can let you score more hits on an opponent.

Increasing your clicks per second (CPS) with drag-clicking is an excellent strategy. Your overall performance will immediately improve as a direct result of this change. It is not difficult to learn how to drag and click; nevertheless, you must be careful in choosing the appropriate mouse.

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FAQs for Drag Clicking Mice

What mouse can drag click?

The Best Mouse for Clicking and Dragging in 2022
Roccat Kone AIMO – Best for Drag Clicking.
Roccat Kone Pure Owl-Eye – Best Modified Sensor.
Roccat Kone Pure Ultra – Ultra-Light Weight.
Glorious Model O – Durable Build.
Razer DeathAdder Elite – Designed for Comfort.
Redragon M711 – Great Budget Mouse.

What cheap mouses can drag click?

ROCCAT Kone AIMO Remastered. Amazon. $50. See on Amazon.
Logitech G502 HERO. Amazon. $40.
The BENGOO Wireless Gaming Mouse can be purchased on Amazon for $16. See on Amazon.
Redragon M711. Amazon. $16.
On Amazon, you can purchase a UtechSmart Venus Pro Wireless RGB MMO Gaming Mouse for $48.
Razer Viper 8KHz. Amazon. $50.
The glorious Model O Mouse for Gaming. Amazon. $50.

Does Drag clicking damage your mouse?

Drag-clicking can quickly harm a mouse, especially a budget mouse, but it can provide you a significant advantage in certain games if you’re not prohibited for having a high CPS. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of the strategy, you need invest in a high-quality gaming mouse and play within the CPS limit.

How do I make my mouse click drag?

Place your index finger (left mouse button) and middle finger (right mouse button) on the upper border of the mouse buttons. To drag-click, simply flick your wrist slightly in an oblique direction while pressing the mouse button down gently (towards the front of the mouse).

How do you get high CPS?

You can increase CPS by increasing your average click rate. You can also examine the click rate of the mouse button using the Mouse Clicker. To determine how quickly you’re clicking, press the Start button and search for mods related to CPS.