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Is Intel Celeron Good for Gaming?

Celeron processors are Intel’s entry-level, low-cost central processing units. You shouldn’t expect them to perform complex jobs; they’re not made for playing games.

However, is playing Fortnite or navigating Los Santos on a computer with a Celeron processor possible?

I have played a few of them to assess how well my Celeron processor has performed in recent games.

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What Features Does the Intel Celeron Have?

Intel Celeron central processing units (CPUs) are part of the family of dual-core processors, but they only have two threads and a 2 MB Intel Smart Cache. Their clock speeds range from 2.9 GHz to 3.3 GHz. This is low compared to other CPUs on the market right now.

The LGA 1151-2 socket is required for this processor; hence the RAM must be DDR4 at 2400MHz. It can work with low-wattage power sources thanks to its low power consumption (54W TDP). The Celerion performs worse than the Pentium, while the Atom performs better. Therefore, it can easily do routine jobs.

Light users who mostly perform Microsoft Office chores with low workloads will be fine on Celeron processors. If you want to play games, record your screen, edit videos, or live broadcast, however, you will be out of luck.

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  • It is inexpensive
  • Perfect for basic and light tasks
  • Works notably well with SSD
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  • Limit computer use
  • There are better options
  • Exclusion of hyper-threading function

Nonetheless, I tried some recent games on my Celeron processor to see how they would run; the results are below.

Intel Celeron Benchmark Comparison

Compared to the Core i3 3225 and the Pentium G6400, the 10th generation Celeron processors offer mid-range performance. The 12th generation Celeron outperforms the Pentium G6400 and the Core i5 4460 on the benchmarks. However, it falls short of the Core i7 7700K.

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I’ve produced a benchmark chart of CPUs and shown where the widely used Celeron falls on the list.

Check out these Intel Celeron benchmarks:

Intel Celeron benchmarks in 2023

Is Intel Celeron Processor Good for Gaming?

Intel’s Celeron processors are the company’s low-end CPU option. They’re made for regular use, but not gaming. A Celeron chip, especially one from an older generation, can handle online browsing, video playback, and office applications like Microsoft Word but cannot run games.

However, I could still play a few AAA titles on my 12th and 10th generation Intel Celeron processors.

What I’ve found is as follows:

12th Gen Intel Celeron G6900 with Nvidia GTX 1650/T1000

To get performance comparable to the GTX 1650 GDDR 6 card, I combined my Celeron G6900 with an Nvidia T1000. For the sake of maximizing the processor’s gaming capabilities and giving you a sense of what to expect.

The Intel Celeron G6900’s performance in a few select games is detailed below.


With a T1000 or similar GTX 1650, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive runs at a smooth 100 FPS on the lowest 1080p preset.

But the frame rate is erratic, so if you’re looking to play at a high level of competition, you might want to look elsewhere.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Celeron 6900 Golden Cove processors are passable, generating an average of 43 frames per second when playing The Witcher 3. However, due to the lack of hyper-threading in the CPU, the minimum frame rate can go to zero.

High settings with minimal post-processing allow the game to run above 60 frames per second, but it frequently stutters and freezes for a few seconds.

The Ultimate Version of GTA: San Andreas

The average frame rate in San Andreas Definitive Edition is satisfactory. The game may stutter due to a shortage of physical cores. However, the minimum frames per second are not as terrible as in Witcher 3.

The average frame rate in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition is 58 frames per second, with the minimum dropping to 15 frames per second. And there are some micro stutters, but they’re more irritating than game-breaking.

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The Year 2077 Is a Cyberpunk Classic

Due to the lack of hyper-threading and only two CPU cores, Cyberpunk 2077 cannot load previously saved games. A new game can be started anytime but must be completed in one sitting.

You may get 47 frames per second on average, with a minimum of 11 at 1080p and the lowest settings.


Fortnite’s Celeron G6900 version boasts over 100 frames per second. However, the game’s playability suffers severely at 8 frames per second.

The Second Part of “Red Dead”

The results for RDR 2 were the most unexpected. This game can function adequately with only 2 processor cores. Even while it uses a lot of CPU and can have frame rates lower than 30, it’s not nearly as horrible as the games I’ve already mentioned.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has an average frame rate of 34 FPS and a 1% low of 20 FPS, both of which are playable.

Here’s a look at what games run at what FPS on a Celeron 6900, on average and at their slowest:

Here's a look at what games run at what FPS on a Celeron 6900, on average and at their slowest:

Remember that if there is less of a gap between your average FPS and the 1% low, you will experience slightly fewer stutters.

For instance, even though RDR2’s average FPS is only 34, selecting settings from the top chart will result in quite smooth gameplay. And because of the enormous gap between the average FPS and the 1% low, Fortnite and CS: GO will be plagued by lag.

10th Gen Intel Celeron G5900 with Nvidia 1080Ti

I played the below games using a Celeron G5900 and an Nvidia 1080Ti. For maximizing the processor’s gaming capabilities and giving you a sense of what to expect.

The Second Part of “Red Dead”

RDR 2 is so well optimized that it can operate on a 2-core CPU with little to no performance degradation. Contrary to my expectations, the game was playable at 1080p high settings with an average frame rate of over 30 frames per second.


Using maximum settings and 1080p, Warzone managed around 30 frames per second. However, there were many instances of unplayable slowness while gameplay.

Crysis: Reborn

On average, you can get 34 frames per second in Crysis Remastered using a 5900 with a 1080Ti. However, the frame rate might dip to as low as 3 FPS, making gameplay sluggish.

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Even with a 1080Ti graphics card, the Celeron G5900 struggles to run Grand Theft Auto 5. However, things ran considerably more smoothly once V-sync was activated at only half the monitor’s refresh rate.

Grand Theft Auto 5 provides an average of 37 FPS and a minimum of 23 FPS on high settings.

Champion of the Apex

The best result was found in Apex Legends out of all the games I mentioned. Over 60 frames per second are achievable even at maximum settings, with even the lowest one percent of the frame rate never dropping below 35. However, it is to be expected that the frame rate would fluctuate occasionally when using this processor.

Here’s a look at the range of Celeron 6900 game FPS, from the average to the lowest:

Should You Buy an Intel Celeron Processor in 2023?

Celeron processors help manufacturers keep the price of budget laptops in check. Having multiple Chrome tabs open simultaneously will significantly reduce your computer’s performance. Thus, this is not an option.

You can watch videos in 1080p on YouTube, but it continuously buffers, so you must adjust the quality. And you must constantly struggle through micro stutters and lags when playing recent games.

The benchmark test demonstrates that even the most potent Intel Celeron model falls short of the performance requirements of the typical user. The Celeron is Intel’s poorest chip, and that’s all there is to say about it.

Intel’s Pentium range with hyper-threading, such as the Pentium Gold G7400, or AMD’s Athlon series, especially the Athlon 3000G, are good options to get the most performance out of your dollar.


Intel Celeron processors were never designed to run games. As you can see from this article, even when using state-of-the-art graphics cards, Celeron still has trouble keeping up a playable frame rate (FPS) and delivering a fluid gaming experience.

Therefore, I would not suggest playing games on a Celeron processor, especially when so many better ones are available for only approximately $20 more.

If you have any follow-up inquiries, please leave a remark below.

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Can Intel Celeron run GTA 5?

In 720p and 1080p, Grand Theft Auto V would not run at even the “minimum requirement” of 60 frames per second. Simple computing operations like displaying content and inputting text can be accomplished using Intel integrated graphics. You only have 4 cores and 4 threads, an ancient processor.

Is Intel Celeron fast or slow?

The Intel Celeron processor is a low-end option slower than the Core i3 but uses less power. It’s okay for light work like browsing the web or writing documents but not for heavy stuff like gaming or video editing. Celeron is a fantastic option if you’re trying to save money.

Is i3 better than Celeron?

Is the Core i3 better than the Celeron in terms of performance? When comparing a Core i3 processor to a Celeron processor, the Core i3 is superior. Even if you only use your laptop for basic tasks, you should consider replacing the processor to extend its useful life.

Which is better i5 or Celeron?

The Celeron CPU is Intel’s entry-level option, so don’t expect it to do much compared to a higher-end i3 or i5 model. However, it has sufficient processing capacity for web surfing, office software, and HD video playback. Computers using Celeron CPUs are also quiet and efficient.

Is Intel Celeron Good for Gaming?

The common perception is that Intel Celeron processors aren’t up to running games, especially high-end titles.


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