Is your PC lagging? Upgrade to a new AM4 CPU for a buttery smooth experience. Are you building a gaming PC from scratch or thinking of upgrading your current setup? Don’t forget about the CPU! The CPU, or central processing unit, acts as the brain of your computer, influencing everything from gaming performance to everyday tasks. Choosing the Best AM4 CPU can elevate your gaming experience, allowing you to play at the highest settings without encountering lag.

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A powerful CPU complements your GPU and enhances game graphics without compromising performance. Given the pivotal role of the CPU, it’s essential to opt for cutting-edge technology when selecting the remaining components. Fortunately, the market offers a plethora of high-quality CPUs, providing numerous options to suit your needs. Additionally, they all support the AM4 socket, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of motherboards.

AMD stands out as a prominent player in this arena. Its adoption of the 7nm manufacturing process was hailed as revolutionary, setting new standards in the industry. Since then, AMD has continued to innovate, offering a diverse range of CPUs with varying specifications and functionalities to cater to diverse user preferences. Therefore, we’ll delve into the best AM4 CPUs that are compatible with this socket.

In this article, we will explore the top AM4 CPUs from the AMD brand, so stay tuned! A CPU socket serves as a designated slot on the motherboard where a specific type of CPU can be installed. In this instance, it’s the AM4 socket, renowned for its versatility and compatibility.

If you’re striving to make the optimal choice for your gaming rig, dive into the details presented herein.

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Key Takeaways

  • The AM4 platform has a wide range of CPUs to meet the needs and costs of users.
  • This list of the best AM4 CPUs makes it easy to find an AM4 processor that fits your needs, whether you want to use it to make content, play games, or do everyday jobs.

How to Choose the top 8 Best AM4 CPU

Budget: We know that not everyone has a lot of money to buy a high-end processor. You may have a lot of money, but I always look for cheap things to buy. So, before you go to the market, make sure you set a budget and then look for things that fit that budget. Remember that even if you have a smaller budget, that doesn’t mean you have to cut back on how well it works. Read this whole article first to get the most out of your gaming.

Compatibility: Most importantly, we need to make sure that the Best AM4 CPU will work with our product. I’m going to split this into two separate checkpoints. You need to make sure the CPU you buy is compatible with the type of product we’re looking for. Second, make sure that the CPU you have in your hands is compatible with the other parts of your rig. If you buy a low-end CPU to go with a high-end build, you have poor performance and sluggish gameplay.

Cores, threads, and multi-threading: So, I’m sure you already know what a “core” and “thread” are and how these things affect the speed of your computer. A core is a way to get more performance, and having more cores means more performance. The number of threads affects the performance in the same way that the number of cores does.

This means that the more threads there are, the more efficient it is. On the other hand, Multithreading lets several threads work at the same time. Make sure you buy a CPU with the most cores and threads and the best multithreading abilities.

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Base clock and overclocking headroom: When it comes to the clock speed, it says how many instructions or cycles it can do per second. This is measured in Hz or MHz, how fast the computer runs. This is called “core speed.” If you want to overclock your computer, you need to have a certain amount of space between your processor’s base clock speed and its maximum boost clock speed. If you have two CPUs to choose from, choose the one with the most clocks and room for overclocking.

Cache Memory: If you want to know the real benefit of cache, you first need to know what cache is. It acts as a bridge between the RAM and the CPU, making it easier for the CPU to find the instruction quickly. Speed and performance are both boosted by this. It cuts down on how long CPU cores take to do their jobs. So, make sure you figure out how much cache you need to do your job, and then choose the one with the amount you need or more. It must have at least 16MB of L3 cache memory for a CPU to work.

So what are you waiting for? Take action now and order your AM4 CPUs today to experience the power and performance that you deserve!

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D 8-Core 16-Thread Processor

Best Overall AM4 Gaming CPU

Untitled design
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D (Image credit: Amazon)

Specification: Brand: AMD | Base Clock: 3.4GHz | Socket: AMD AM4| Cache: 3 MB | Cores: 8 | Threads: 16 | Boost Clock:4.5GHz

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D adds 64MB of L3 cache to the die, which makes the 3D V-cache technology possible. This makes it much better for gaming and makes it the fastest AM4 game CPU, even faster than Ryzen 7000 processors.

The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D is the first CPU to have 3D V-cache technology. Most gamers remember when Dr. Lisa showed off the 5800X3D in January 2022. It shocked everyone by showing how much speed can change with just more cache memory. It wasn’t easy to just put a 3D cache die on top of the chip, but the changes were well worth it. There is no doubt that the 5800X3D is faster than the non-3D versions, even though it has trouble reaching high boost clock speeds.


The Ryzen 5800X3D still has 8 cores and 16 threads, and its fastest clock speed is up to 4.5GHz. The CPU can’t be overclocked because the way it’s built doesn’t let the cooler base make good contact with the CPU. Even with all of this, the CPU easily outperforms every other AM4 CPU by 25–30% on a bad day. Not only that, but it has the same performance as the Ryzen 7600X and 7700X without users having to move to a newer platform. This means that the Ryzen 5800X3D is the best choice for enthusiast gamers who want to get the most out of the AM4 platform.

Explore our top picks to find the best CPU for AM4 sockets, fulfil to your specific needs.

  • The fastest gaming chip for AM4
  • Plus an extra 64MB of L3 cache for big speed boosts
  • 16 threads and 8 cores for working and getting work done
  • For the same gaming speed, this CPU costs a lot more than mid-range Ryzen 7000 CPUs.
  • Not able to overclock and drop critical temperature

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AMD Ryzen 5 3600X

Best Value AM4 CPU

AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
AMD Ryzen 5 3600X (Image credit: Amazon)

Specification: Brand: AMD | Speed: 4.4 GHz | Socket: AM4 | Cache: 3 MB | Cores: 6 | Threads: 12

The AMD Ryzen 5 3600X is a great replacement for the Ryzen 5 2600X CPU and is also one of the most powerful am4 CPU. The best thing about having this Best AM4 CPU is that it has better IPC performance, faster clock speeds, and is cheap. Mid-range gamers might like it even though it isn’t very good at competing with high-end games.

Furthermore, if we look at its performance rankings, it has a big advantage in running single-core, single-threaded, and multi-threaded applications and games. IPC boost which comes with Zen 2 architecture, isn’t as good as Zen 3.

But the brand has narrowed the gap in single-core performance by 15% to meet the IPC boost. With six cores and twelve threads, the card can run at speeds between 3.8GHz base speed and 4.4GHz boost speed.

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On top of that, it has a 32MB L3 cache with a 3MB L2 cache memory that helps cut down on the time it takes to do things. It is the best value AM4 CPU because it has almost everything you need.

If we compare this CPU to the Intel Core i5-9600k, both have the same specifications and cost. The only problem is that the i5 9600k has more clock speeds. As long as your computer has PCIe 3.0 or PCIe 4.0 support, your CPU can increase the speed of the SSDs and graphics cards that are connected to it.

However, the SSDs can be up to 51% faster than PCIe 3.0 or PCIe 3.0. That’s not all that’s good about the 3600x, though. It has only 65 Watts of TDP, which is a lot less than the 95W of the previous generation CPU, and comes with the Wraith Spire cooler.

Explore our top picks to find the best CPU for AM4 socket motherboards, tailored to your specific needs.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Impressive performance
  • Wraith Spire cooler included
  • Power efficient 
  • Zen 2 architecture instead of Zen 3

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AMD Ryzen 7 3700X


AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (Image credit: Amazon)

Specification: Brand: AMD | Speed: 4.4 GHz | Socket: AM4 | Cache: 4 MB | Cores: 8 | Threads: 16

I’m a big fan of 50+ core HEDT platforms, but they cost a lot of money for people who don’t have much money. The Ryzen 7 3700X from AMD is a great choice for home PCs and users like you and me.

So, why spend so much money on the big CPUs when we have the Ryzen 7 3700X? This CPU is the talk of the town because it can improve gaming performance and get great results as it is one of the fastest am4 CPU. If we compare it to its 3900X brother, there isn’t much difference in how well it runs PC games.

The 3800X, on the other hand, is about 5% better at doing things like that. If you look at the CPU’s architecture, Zen 2 is behind Zen 3 but is way better and faster than Zen+ or Zen. With this processor, you can expect a very fast 100+ fps. It has eight cores with sixteen threads, a 32MB L3 cache, and a 4MB L2 cache.

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The CPU frequency ranges from the 3.6GHz base clock to the 4.4GHz boost clock. So, the title Best AMD AM4 CPU makes sense because it doesn’t make you compromise. With PCIe 4.0, the SSD cards in the system can run 51% faster than if they were connected with PCIe 4.0.

You can run the DDR4 memory modules with a speed of 3200MHz based on two channels of memory. In terms of power consumption, it has a rated TDP of 65W, which makes it very efficient and saves money for its users.

Besides that, you get a Wraith Prism RGB cooling system in the box, so you don’t have to spend extra money on third-party cooling and you will get a reliable best CPU am4.

I hope you discover the Best performance with our recommendations for the best AM4 Ryzen CPUs available in the market.

  • Excellent performance-to-price ratio
  • Effective and rapid
  • Numerous L3 caches
  • Support for PCIe 4.0
  • Included is a Wraith Prism cooler.
  • Performs worse on single-core tasks than competitors
  • There are no integrated graphics

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AMD Ryzen 7 3800X

Best Premium AM4 CPU

AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
AMD Ryzen 7 3800X (Image credit: Amazon)

Specification: Brand: AMD | Speed: 4.5 GHz | Socket: AM4 | Cache: 4 MB | Cores: 8 | Threads: 16

In the past, we have talked about the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X. Now, we have Ryzen 7 3800X. If we put them both in a specs balancer, the 3800x has more power inputs than the 3700x. This makes it a better CPU than the 3700x. This makes it much better form other best am4 CPU. Uncover the power of the latest AMD4 CPUs and experience cutting-edge computing performance.

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The Intel Core i7-9700k can’t keep up with this CPU regarding gaming benchmarks and single-threaded and multithreaded efficiency. The 3800x has a single-computing-die structure, making the boost clocks and other built-in features work better to make it as efficient as the 3900x in many different applications.

It has eight cores and sixteen threads, with 32MB L3 cache and 4MB L2. Base clock speed: 3.9GHZ. Boost clock speed: 4.5GHZ. As long as the AM4 CPU is unlocked, the Ryzen 7 3800x can go overclocking speeds that are too high with a simple push of the button. It has everything to be the best premium AM4 CPU, and it has a lot of positive reviews from real people who use it.

Team Red has made the memory and overclocking abilities of the previous generation CPU better, and now it can support DDR4 3200MHz with a dual-channel design. It doesn’t have PCIe 4.0 support in most chips at this level, but AMD does.

In fact, with the new PCIe 4.0 support, we can connect SSDs and graphics cards to get more speed. If you’re unsure which motherboard to get with this CPU, you can go with the most recent 500-series and 400-series boards and use the X570 or B550 to get the most out of it.

  • Performance that is adequate
  • Multiplier unlocked
  • There is a Wraith Prism cooler included.
  • Memory support for DDR4-3200
  • PCIe 4.0 compatibility
  • Little space for overclocking

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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

Best Budget AM4 CPU

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X (Image credit: Amazon)

Specification: Brand: AMD | Speed: 4.6 GHz | Socket: AM4 | Cache: 3 MB | Cores: 6 | Threads: 12

AMD is known for making high-end best am4 processors and cheaper chips that perform about the same. The Ryzen 5 5600X is a good mix of performance and price, and it has become a favorite among gamers. Get the scoop on the latest AMD AM4 processors and find the perfect one for your next PC build.

Its single-core and multi-threaded performance stats make this CPU a good choice. If we compare it to the Intel Core i9-10900K, the 5600x is better at gaming than it is.

When we look at the price, it gets even more interesting. The AM4 CPU is made with 7nm core technology and Zen 3. It is based on the Zen 3 architecture and made with that technology; as I said before, the Zen 3 results in a 19% increase in IPS, which means the performance improves.

It has six cores and twelve threads, 32MB L3 cache, and 3MB L2 cache memory. These are the general specs. Between the base clock speed (3.7GHz) and the boost clock speed of 4.7GHz, it has a lot of different speeds.

So, this is the best budget AM4 CPU because it fits right between normal use and high-performance games. This means that PCIe 4.0 and DDR4 memory with a 3200MHz memory speed are important connectivity features. In this case, you can sigh relief that the AM4 CPU will work well with your motherboard.

Plus, people with 400-series motherboards can also work out without worrying about any problems with their connection while they do it. You can save money on your electricity bills because it has a rated TDP of 65W. With this CPU, you don’t have to spend extra money on a Wraith Stealth cooler.

  • Easy to cool
  • Decent overclocking 
  • DDR4 and PCIe 4.0 support
  • Bundled cooler included
  • Affordable
  • No integrated graphics

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AMD Ryzen 7 5600X

Most Powerful AM4 CPU

AMD Ryzen 7 5600X
AMD Ryzen 7 5600X (Image credit: Amazon)

Specification: Brand: AMD | Speed: 4.6 GHz | Socket: AM4 | Cache: 3 MB | Cores: 6 | Threads: 12

In other words, if you’ve read about the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X and still don’t have enough money in your pocket, you can settle for this AMD Ryzen 7 5600X instead. Hexa-core gaming processor with sufficient performance to handle the most demanding games and load-intensive programs in the market.

This processor outperforms the Intel Core i9-10900k in terms of 1080p gaming and programming capabilities compared to that of the latter. It offers great single-core performance and multi-threading efficiencies, and the fastest speeds in its class, making it the most powerful AM4 CPU available today without a doubt.

The company utilized the latest Zen 3 architecture during CPU fabrication, which was manufactured using a 7nm core technology. According to the manufacturer, it has six cores and twelve threads, and it can efficiently operate with a 32MB L3 cache and a 3MB L2 cache.

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Looking at the testing benchmarks, we should estimate a performance improvement of 17-19 percent in terms of instructions processed per cycle. Furthermore, the 3.7GHz base clock can be overclocked to 4.6GHz with a 0.9GHz margin of overclocking headroom for 4.6GHz.

Despite the lower price tag, Team Red has not removed any of the CPU’s top-of-the-line functionality, which we appreciate about the product. Other characteristics include a 20-lane PCIe 4.0 interface, a DDR4 memory brace with a 3200MHz memory speed, and a DDR4 memory controller.

You can connect the latest AM4 socket-compatible motherboards, such as the 400-series and 500-series, and say goodbye to stuttering and stuttering experiences because it is the most suitable and best socket am4 CPU. For the best AM4 CPU, you can opt for the X570, B550, or A520 versions for the quickest results.

When it comes to cooling, the CPU is equipped with Wraith Stealth thermal solution, which helps the chip keep a temperature below 95°C, which is its maximum operating temperature limit. In addition to the box, you will find a cooler included.

Elevate your gaming experience with insights into what makes the best AMD CPU for gaming in 2024.

  • Mid-range price
  • Performance as premium CPUs
  • A bundled cooler included
  • PCIe 4.0 support
  • Power efficiency
  • There are no inbuilt graphics

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AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

Best AM4 CPU for Gaming

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X (Image credit: Amazon)

Specification: Brand: AMD | Speed: 4.7 GHz | Socket: AM4 |Cache: 4 MB | Cores: 8 |Threads: 16

AMD is committed to offering users high-performance CPUs while also keeping in mind the needs of those on a tight budget as it has a good impact on users among others best processor for the am4 socket. For example, the Ryzen 7 5800X is a low-cost upgrade over the Ryzen 5 5600X and represents a significant cost saving.

This processor outperforms the Intel Core i7-12700k when it comes to multi-threading performance and can deal with demanding in-game scenarios. The Zen 3 core architecture drives the CPU, and it is interesting to note that it gives around 19 percent more instruction per cycle, or IPS, as a result of several changes made to feel the difference.

If you do not want to spend the money on a high-end 12 or 16-core CPU from the Ryzen 5000 series because they can get by with an 8-core CPU, you can consider this the Best AM4 CPU for gaming. Its eight cores and sixteen threads can successfully work with 32MB of cache memory, which includes a 4MB L2 cache.

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Atop that, the processor has a base speed of 3.8GHz that can be ramped up to 4.7GHz, giving it a respectable 0.9GHz of overclocking headroom, according to the manufacturer. It includes 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes of support and DDR4 memory support, which operates at a speed of 3200MHz.

Because the CPU includes PCIe 4.0 functionality and compatibility with AM4 socket motherboards, connecting the current 500-series motherboards is significantly more efficient. However, if you are on a tighter budget, you may be able to get away with purchasing a 400-series motherboard for less money.

You’ll have to compensate for the lack of an included cooler and integrated graphics support, as you would with most AMD processors. Except for these two drawbacks, this CPU is a fantastic alternative for customers on a low budget, as it offers an excellent price-to-performance ratio.

Stay ahead of the gaming curve by choosing the best processor for gaming in the year 2024.

  • Great performance
  • Impressive multithreading
  • PCIe 4.0 support
  • Power efficient
  • There is no integrated cooler
  • There are no inbuilt graphics

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AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

Fastest AM4 CPU

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X (Image credit: Amazon)

Specification: Brand: AMD | Speed: 4.8 GHz | Socket: AM4 | Cache: 6 MB | Cores: 12 | Threads: 24

If you want the performance of Ryzen 9 5950X and you want to save money, you can buy AMD Ryzen 9 5900x right away. It’s a good value for money, and it’s the fastest AM4 CPU for streaming games and more.

It’s not very different from the Intel Core i9-12900k in terms of performance, but the 5900x has a better price point than the other one. As a result, it can do the same things for programming and gaming as the most expensive CPUs.

7nm Zen 3 core architecture is used in the CPU, which is much more efficient than the previous Zen 2 architecture. If you look at its specs sheet, you can see that the CPU has 12 cores, 24 threads, 64MB of L3 cache, and 6MB L2. Now the question is, what are the best am4 CPU qualities? If you look at the specs, the chip’s base clock can go up to 4.8GHz, but our tests say the CPU can reach 5.0GHz.

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However, it usually costs more than cheaper processors, but it does the same things they usually do. It can use DDR4 type of memory, and the memory speed can go up to 3200MHz. On top of that, the PCIe 4.0 connection lets the CPU work well with 400-series motherboards and more advanced 500-series motherboards through the AM4 socket.

If you can, put the 500-series circuits like the X570 or B550 mother circuits at the top. Team Red also showed off their new technologies like StoreMI and TM Master Utility to ensure a smooth flow of power for better-overclocking performance.

Find the perfect CPU for your gaming needs in 2024 – we’ve curated a list of the best CPUs for gaming enthusiasts.

  • Excellent value of money
  • Great performance
  • PCIe 4.0 support
  • Power efficient
  • There is no integrated cooler.
  • There are no inbuilt graphics.

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AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

Best Flagship AM4 CPU

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X (Image credit: Amazon)

Specification: Brand: AMD | Speed: 4.9 GHz | Socket: AM4 | Cache: 8 MB | Cores: 16 | Threads: 32

AMD is well-known among gamers and content creators because it gives each person the processor that best fits their needs and is included in the list of top am4 CPU. Take the Ryzen 9 5950x as an example. It has great performance benchmarks in high-end games and applications that use multiple processors. Many people want more than the Ryzen 9 5950x can give them. If they have enough money, they can buy this one instead.

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If you compare it to the Intel i9-10980 XE Extreme Edition, AMD says it’s 8 percent better at modeling and 23 percent faster at rendering. Why not say that it’s the best AM4 CPU, without a doubt?

Because the CPU has 16 cores and 32 threads, it almost fits into the HEDT class of processors, which are good at both speed and power. You can play the most recent AAA game and do other things simultaneously. When it starts at 4.9GHz, it can go up to 5.2GHz at the push of a button.

On top of that, it has a 64MB L3 cache and an 8MB L2 cache. Is there any doubt that it is a great CPU for people who write programs, play games, and make content?

Because it has ultra-edge overall efficiency. As a bonus, it’s an unlocked CPU, which means you can change the performance by watching the overclocking and the power needed to do so, and you can change the performance. As far as connectivity goes, it can use DDR4 memory with a speed of 3200MHz. Further, it is the best flagship AM4 CPU having PCIe 4.0 support, So your first choice should be 500-series motherboards, such as an X570 or a B550.

If you do any kind of work, this CPU should be able to help you. It has pretty much every modern-day feature that you might need. A lot of work can be done because it has faster multitasking and single-core power.

Discover the top-rated processors that redefine gaming performance, explore the best CPUs for gaming.

  • All-around good performance
  • Overclocking is now possible
  • Multi-threading is more efficient
  • AM4 is a feature-rich platform
  • PCIe 4.0 support
  • Expensive
  • There is no integrated cooler.
  • There are no inbuilt graphics.

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To be good at your job, a processor must be healthy and sharp. This is because it is the brain of the computer. It gives life to the computer and runs everything you do on it. When we looked at CPUs made by Intel and AMD, we were looking for the best AM4 CPU made by AMD.

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Remember that you should buy a compatible CPU rather than one that has a lot of fancy features and specifications. If you are looking for the best am4 socket CPU then The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D is without a doubt one of the greatest gaming processors available. Ensure seamless compatibility with our guide to AM4 compatible CPUs, designed for peak performance.

As it is the best am4 socket processor, it will save you money, but it will also be very efficient when it comes to single-threading and multi-threading. It’s important to think about the CPU’s clock speed, overclocking headroom, cache memory, and more when buying a CPU. You can find out more about these things in the buying guide section after the introduction section.

When each person has different needs, uses, and rig elements, not all want the same type of processor. AMD knows this and has made a lot of different CPUs to meet the needs of everyone. When we were looking into different processors, we tried to show you as many CPUs as possible so that you could choose one. The processors we included in this post are known for different things, like how well they work, how much they cost, how quickly they run, how well they cool, and more. You must read the list and find the best one for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the fastest AM4 CPU?

The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D introduces 3D V-cache technology, which incorporates an additional stack of 64MB of L3 cache on the die. This enhancement significantly boosts its gaming performance, positioning it as the fastest AM4 gaming CPU that rivals even the Ryzen 7000 processors.

What Ryzen CPU is AM4?

AMD has been in the market for a long time, and the AM4 socket was the only one that worked with its CPUs. Today, we can find this socket in all of the processors that use Zen, Zen+, Zen 2, or Zen 3. They all have this socket. They all have the best CPU am4 socket. So, any CPU that has these architectures is still compatible with AM4.

What is the most powerful Ryzen CPU?

HEDT platforms and a lot of other things make it the most powerful AMD Ryzen CPU on our list. It has an unlocked multiplier, which makes it great for overclocking and multi-threading. It can fit the most recent 500-series motherboards that have the AM4 socket. It also has PCIe 4.0 and DDR4-3200 support.

What is the cheapest CPU for an AM4 socket?

AMD’s Ryzen 5 3400G is a cheap AM4-socket CPU with a powerful built-in graphics processor, making it a good choice for a multipurpose entry-level PC.

Can I use any AM4 CPU?

Yes, you can use any AM4 CPU as long as it fits on the motherboard. As long as your motherboard has an AM4 slot, you can use the CPU. Because other parts like graphics cards and more can affect how well your computer works, make sure you buy them at the same level as well.